Women’s International Champions Cup: Caroline Graham Hansen previews Barcelona’s ‘very different style’

The Women’s International ChampionsCup is in the near future. The tournament will kick off Wednesday, August 18, in Portland, Oregon. Four of the most prestigious clubs in the world will be competing for the WICC title. Houston Dash, Portland Thorns FC, and Houston Dash will be representing the National. Women’sSoccer league, Olympique Lyon and FC Barcelona represent the best of Europe.

The full rosters for the tournament have been announced as the Olympics have ended. 16 players participated in the Tokyo Games, including four Canadian gold-medalists, Christine Sinclair and NichellePrince, Sofia Schmidt and Allyshachapman.

All the clubs are coming off successful seasons, tournaments, with FC Barcelona joining the tournament as UEFA ChampionsLeague title holders. Barcelona forward Caroline Graham HansenPreviewed the event, noting that the National Women’sSoccer League is a fast and physical league.

“Everybody’s so fit, so fast, [it’s] forward football,”Norway international. “It’s always a lot of transition in the games, which is fun to watch, and a lot of high intensity in the games. You have to be able to both attack and defend well 1-v-1, because if not, you’re gonna be left alone because of all the transitioning games in between.

“There are many things that can happen in a game. differentFrom the European style of player, where more players are being more strategic, in a bid to try and control the game where the Americans have more power and create more chances.

HansenThe team is eager to travel to the United States and compete in the WICC Tournament. Barcelona will face Lyon in their first WICC match, before facing off against one the NWSL teams in the championship or third-place game on August 21.

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“Everyone looks to the USA for a certain reason, because the national team has been the world’s best for so many years from a women’s side and it’s a pleasure to go there and then meet up with the soccer culture in the USA,” Hansen “I think that’s really the most fun part, to experience American culture around our game. I have never been there myself. So, I think for me personally it’s to see how many are there with the fans and everything. And it’s always a pleasure to play games against the best teams and the best players. So it’s nice for us to have that in our preseason.”

WICC is an opportunity for American women soccer fans to watch top-flight European clubs at the WICC tournament. HansenFans will get a glimpse of the future through this project. Barcelona’sSignature possession-based style for play

“We want to keep the ball. We want to use the ball in our defense, and, as well as our offense,” Hansen “So our tactic is to keep the ball as much as possible because then they can’t attack and we’ve also have the ability to control the game and have more possibilities to score goals. So, we’re maybe not the most physical team in terms of size, but we have a lot of very technical and tactically very smart players on the field so it will be a very different style of play that we’ll be [showing] the American fans and teams.”

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