Women who want to be stylishly feminine in cowboy hats can try out these outfits

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As countries relax the Covid19 restrictions, women are venturing out with a vengeance to show their best side by dressing up with women’s cowboy hats. More and more women are embracing the cowboy hats that have become one of the most popular fashion accessories of our times. The wide-brimmed hats that represented Western wear meant for men only is now a much-loved fashion accessory for women too.  Women who want to shed the conventional ladylike looks and prefer some stylish, playful, and unique fashion with masculine undertones would be pleased to pick the cool-looking cowboy hat specially crafted for women.

Cowboy hats have been popular for years courtesy of the Hollywood Western movies that depicted the rough and tough pistol-wielding characters of the Wild West blazing on horseback across the dusty terrains. Cowboys chasing cattle herds while swishing the lasso to rein in some unruly animal made sure that they had their hats on that protected their faces from the blazing sun. Although protection from the weather was the only goal of cowboy hats, the focus shifted drastically when fashion designers and hat makers embarked on creating a female version of the quintessential cowboy hats.  Women’s cowboy hats are not the exact replication of the original design but a modified version that retains the central design and style elements.

Although women wear large hats like floppy hats for maximum sun protection, the cowboy hats they prefer are much smaller than traditional ones. While the hat design maintains the upward tilted brim on the two sides, the hats are much more colorful than the neutral shades of the traditional hats. A variety of colored cowboy hats gives more styling options to women to build a unique and stylish outfit around them.

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Here are some styling ideas with cowboy hats that women can try out.

Styling with Straw cowboy hats

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Straw cowboy hats are highly comfortable in summer because they support good air circulation that keeps the head cool while providing ample shade from the sunshine. The good thing about cowboy hats for women is that you do not need to match them with a cowboy outfit.  You can experiment with some other exciting outfit that is entirely modern.   Think about creating a fabulous beach outfit with a blue form-fitting light blue button-up shirt worn upon blue ripped mini denim shorts. A pair of nude sandals should help create the refreshing looks, with the hat contributing immensely to the style.

How to wear a green cowboy hat

Despite the masculinity of the design of cowboy hats, you can use the newly created styles of cowboy hats for women by pairing them with some ladylike outfits ideal for outdoor hangouts.  Start experimenting with a long sleeve ruched blouse in spotless white fabric and pair it with a mini pleated skirt in some shade of pink. Since all pink might not look good on your body, be careful to choose the appropriate shade.  Put aside the shoes and step into a pair of nude heeled sandals. The casual air created by the outfit is sure to lift the spirits as you support the green cowboy hat with a silver statement belt and a few boho-style necklaces that make the outfit look even more stylish.

Try another outfit for the green cowboy hat

Although women love cowboy hats, their styling ideas are primarily for creating a ladylike image, and they choose the outfits accordingly.  Create a stylish and straightforward outfit by wearing a white full sleeve pleated blouse that serves as the top and covers the lower part of your body with skinny jeans in dark blue and a brown leather belt. To complement the green cowboy hat, wear a pair of suede ankle boots that complement the outfit and enhance the style.

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The Black and Blue combination can be mesmerizing

Wearing a cowboy hat with an ensemble of denim outfits looks extremely attractive. The combination of a black denim unwashed button-up shirt worn upon a pair of dark blue jeans provides the most versatile foundation for donning a cowboy hat of any color. When you cover your feet with camel suede boots, the picture looks simply stunning. To give your outfit and appearance a personal touch, you can even go all-black by choosing a black cowboy hat.

Straw cowboy hat with tank tops

For the sexy looks in a casual outfit that upholds the free spirit underlined by the cowboy hats, wear a white tank top with skinny dark blue or light blue ripped jeans. The dress will make you feel like walking in the air as you walk along the beach in strappy sandals. Although the outfit has almost nothing special about it, the simple look can be overwhelmingly intelligent and stylish, making heads turn.

Cowboy hats are so versatile that you can dare think of the most unusual outfit that would complement the hat nicely.

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