Why Carolyn Bessette Kennedy is the ‘90s style muse of the moment

“Carolyn launched a thousand style knockoffs, with her casual, chic grace. Like Princess Diana and her mother-in-law before her, she was easy on the camera and before she died, the most sought-out [person to] photograph in the world,” said Carole Radziwill, the wife of John’s cousin, of her relative and close friend. 

For years, modern designers and influencers have cited Bessette Kennedy as a muse, admiring her singular ability to make even the most muted colours and pared-back designs look the height of elegance. 

Damas says that it is this sense of restraint which made her want to pay tribute to CBK’s style. ‘I love the fact that she has this incredible allure with such simplicity in her clothes but I have the feeling that this is a secret the New York women know best.’ It’s a rare admission of admiration for a style philosophy that’s anything other than the glamorously effortless Parisian way. 

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