Victoria Beckham on Her ’90s Style: “If I Dressed Like That Now, I’d Be Locked Away By the Fashion Police”

“I will never, ever, ever, ever be allowed to forget that look,” Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girl–turned–fashion entrepreneur, says about the matching his-and-hers black leather Gucci motorcycle ensembles she and David Beckham, her footballer-turned–lifestyle entrepreneur husband, were photographed wearing in 1999. “The irony is that we wore full-on leather Gucci to a Versace event for Donatella. Which in itself was just so wrong.” 

Beckham speaks out about her style evolution. It all began when she was 20 per cent of the group that has been called the most successful girl band in history. Posh Spice was the fashionThe group’s most obsessed member, who wore a camouflage slip dress and stilettos for boot camp in the cult film Spice World 1997. As the ’90sThese have seeped into fashionHer children (Brooklyn 22; Romeo 19, Cruz 16; Harper 10; and Cruz 19; respectively) continue to search for old photos. “There’s one of me and David walking our Rottweiler dogs, which, by the way, were called Puffy and Snoop, when we lived in Manchester,”She said. “And my kids are like, ‘Mom, you look really cool!’ ” 

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