Valentine’s Day gifts for men: Presents he will actually thank you for

You won’t need a gift receipt for these bad boys

The longer you’re in a relationship, the harder it gets to decide what the hell you’re going to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day.

Having said that, buying gifts when you’ve not known each other that long is also just downright daunting.

Nothing can be as bad as the insincere smile you get when they unwrap a present and declare they “really like it”, when deep down, both of you know your present is actually a piece of sh*t.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of sensational presents for you to choose from – whether it’s food, fashion or just a bit of fun.

1. For the foodie man: the gift of pizza

He’ll definitely want a pizza this [Photo credit: Ooni]Everybody knows Italian is the real language of love for foodies. So essentially, anything pizza-related is going to be a solid winner.

Yes, buying a barbecue is likely to get you a nice holiday somewhere sunny in return. But buying him a pizza oven will actually guarantee you a proposal and a honeymoon in The Maldives.

It has to be said, they don’t come cheap (this one from Ooni is just under £250). So if you’re on a budget this Valentine’s, you can always opt for this £36 Grilled Personal Pizza Maker instead. Bellisimo!

2. For the drinks man: the gift of draught beer

Fizzics beer dispenser The at-home drinking gadget of dreams [Photo credit: Fizzics on MenKind]

Anyone coupled up with a beer-boy will remember how much they longed for “a proper pint” in lockdown. And to be fair, nothing quite gives you that satisfaction like a well-headed draft.

So, imagine the scenes when he says “I could murder a pint” and you come into the living room with this freshly-poured frothy goodness?

You’ll save your legs (and your bank account) avoiding a trip to the pub – and never hear him whinging again.

This one from Fizzics is reduced by £50 at the minute.

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3. For the office man: the gift of hot tea and happy lips

Trust us, this is no ordinary mug Trust us, this is no ordinary mug [Photo credit: Ember on]Nothing in this world is more heartbreaking than going to the effort of making a brew, just to get distracted and let it go cold.

The only thing that might be worse, is drinking your next one in a rush and scolding your lips at extreme temperatures – ruining all food and drink consumption for the rest of your working day.

So, while buying a mug for Valentine’s Day might initially sound a bit lame, it’s actually one of the kindest things you can do for your partner this year.

This Ember LED temperature controlled mug will tell him when his drink is at a drinkable temperature. It’s £99.99, but will save him mugging himself off in the long run.

4. For the fashionable man: the gift of the chain

Flared trousers, coat cardigans and balaclavas are the men’s trends set to take us through 2022 (according to GQ, at least).

Realistically, these aren’t the garms 100 per cent of our lovers will be willing to wear. But one accessory most men will get onboard with is The Chain (keep us together).

Heavy-hanging chains specifically will be all the rage this year. And if it worked for Paul Mescal in Normal People (Connell’s chain even got its very own Insta account) chances are he’ll be wanting to wear it too.

This chunky chain from Craftd London is just under £80, or this ASOS option only costs a tenner.

5. For the eco-friendly man: the gift of luxury

Pampering with care [photo credit: Little Box of Love, Not On The High Street] Pampering with care [Photo credit: Little Box of Love, Not On The High Street]Just because you’re on a mission to save the planet doesn’t mean you can’t care for yourself too. And eco-friendly pamper hampers such as this one prove it.

You get a bar of chocolate (vegan option available), a scented candle, bath salts (if you want them), a soap bar, a mud mask, a face cloth, and biodegradable tea or coffee. Plus, all the products are sourced in the UK.

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A gift for him AND for Earth. Cute.

6. For the self-care man: the gift of great skin

Lumin's exfoliating rub guarantees the soft skin of dreams [Photo credit: Face and Co] Soft skin will never not be a great gift [Photo credit: Lumin on Face and Co]Everybody loves a man who takes care of himself. So encouraging this with a stunning skin care collection is an excellent choice for your Valentine’s Day treat.

Lumin products are celebrated not just for as great products for men, but products for each man’s individual skin type. Buying a cream that specifically meets his skin-care needs is seriously romantic, and he’ll have a silky smooth face too.

The brand was recently voted one of the best brands for men’s skin care right now by Forbes. They recommended Lumin’s exfoliating rub, which you can get for just £14. Or if you’re feeling generous, splash out on the brand’s ‘skincare heroes’ for £36.

7. For the man you’re having sex with: the gift of pleasure

It might not look sensual but it definitely is [Photo credit: Lovehoney] It might not look sexy but it definitely is [Photo credit: Lovehoney]This is a gift he’s likely to get pretty (cough) excited about.

Any sex toy will be sure to spice things up in the bedroom, but the Hot Octopuss Duo III seems to be a popular choice right now.

Not only does this state-of-the-art male masturbator come with adjustable wings to fit any size, but it also includes remote control technology – allowing you to control the vibrations from its massaging motor.

It’s 25% more powerful than the previous model, and comes with five modes of vibration – making it a great present for both of you.

It’s £119.99 on Love Honey, but there are also loads of cheaper options too.

8. For the gaming man: the gift that will make him love you forever

PS (5) I love you [Photo credit: Sony]You don’t have to be a gamer to know that PS5s are seriously in demand.

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And when we say in demand, we mean pretty much sold out everywhere you look right now.

But the beauty of this is that, if you do manage to get your hands on one, you might just be the best partner of all time.

So keep your Twitter notifications on and card at the ready – it’s game on.

9. For the music man: the gift of looking really cool

The ultimate gift for a music man The ultimate gift for a music man [photo credit: Amazon]As much as he might try to deny it, he definitely wants that nod of approval when he chucks on his favourite record at your next party.

And let’s face it – it’s just not got quite the same effect when he’s skipping through his Spotify adverts to get to that “really cool tune” he’s been talking on about.

The biggest advantage is that once you’ve bought him a record player, there is an almost infinite choice of records to purchase as (significantly cheaper) Valentine’s gifts for as long as you both shall stay together. You’re welcome.

They’re are obviously loads of options ranging in price and quality so do your research. This Audio-Technica turntable on Amazon costs £138.

So, that’s our comprehensive guide to the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your man. Whatever you choose, we hope he loves it. And if he doesn’t, bin him off and get yourself to a sexy gift instead.

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