Travis Barker Gifts Kourtney Kardashian A Beautiful Early Valentine’s Gift

KUWTK’s Kourtney Kardashian gushes about what her fiancé, Travis Barker, surprised her with as an early Valentine’s Day gift on her Instagram Story.

Travis Barker surprised his fiancé and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian with an early Valentine’s Day present, and it was stunning. At first glance, the pair may seem like an odd duo, with Kourtney’s high fashion look standing out against her tatted fiancé’s rugged rocker vibe. But they actually have a lot in common. Kourtney and Travis are both parents, both public figures, in a similar age range and in a similar part of their lives. And before dating, the couple even lived in the same gated community. They met back in 2017 and were close enough that they would occasionally have family dinners together.


Kourtney and Travis finally began dating last January, and they haven’t been shy about letting the public know. Paparazzi has caught them smooching or snuggled up together countless times, and the couple has never seemed bothered. Kourtney and Travis have both been open about how much their relationship means to them. Back in 2008, Travis was in a plane crash, in which he was one of only two survivors. After staying in a hospital for months and having to undergo multiple surgeries, he vowed to never fly again–and he didn’t. As the drummer for the hit band Blink-182, he was still required to be overseas in order to perform. But he would take a week-long boat ride instead of being on a plane. This lasted for 13 years until he began dating Kourtney. He has spoken openly about how the relationship and her encouragement made him feel brave enough to face his fears and finally board a plane again. A few months after that experience, Travis proposed to Kourtney and, of course, she said yes.

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Over the weekend, Kourtney took to her Instagram Story to show her 160 million followers the early Valentine’s Day gift Travis got her. The first video, which featured the song “(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons” by Nat King Cole, showed Kourtney walking up to a huge flower bouquet. The bouquet of red flowers engulfed two large statues of Minnie and Mickey Mouse, all of which were surrounded by beautiful candles. In a second post, Kourtney took a picture of the arrangement and captioned it, “I walked into this,” with several affectionate emojis.

Kourtney Kardashian Travis Barker Engagement KUWTK

To a trained fan, this behavior is not out of the ordinary. In fact, Travis kind of has a thing for gifting Kourtney gorgeous flower arrangements. Back in May, for the couple’s first Mother’s Day together, Travis gifted Kourtney three giant flower arrangements, each representing one of her children. And fans have been quick to point out the similarities between this most recent arrangement and the way the beach was prepared when Travis proposed in October. Travis proposed to Kourtney on the beaches of Santa Barbara, and there was a whole arrangement of red flowers spread out in the formation of a heart. The couple stood in the center, and similarly to the Valentine’s gift, the flowers were also surrounded by romantic candles.

It’s safe to say Kourtney and Travis are still madly in love. Kourtney’s certainly gone through her fair share of traumas when it’s come to her dating life. While she shares children with Scott Disick, the relationship was always unsteady and tumultuous. In the early seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, fans were able to see a relationship in which it felt like Kourtney was putting in all the effort. Coming from that to finding someone like Travis, who seems to love Kourtney unconditionally, showering her with reminders of that is refreshing.

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