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Mariah Brown, a Daytona Times intern, poses in a short-length dress and bucket hat, a summerTrend

The summer2021 fashionTrends are everywhere.

This is theTime for bright colors and prints, warmer weather andExperimenting with a variety of looks andStyles Some trends are high-elevated, like tank tops and shorts. andMany sandals fashionInfluencers have created their own style to add a unique twist to their personal style.

Trends are making a comeback in 2018, especially with regards to the millennial generation. from the ’70s and ’90s.

Marble prints, pastels, velvet textures, string details, and cutout dresses andPants are a fun addition that is taking over. Summer is all in embrace theBody andIndividuality in a funky setting andUse creativity to make your mark.

Currently, platform shoes and bucket hats are in fashion. andMany stores sell halter tops and dresses, which are very popular. andOnline (as seen above).

Where are the lovers of fashion andInfluencers are their inspiration fromWhat do you think?

Social media has played an important role in inspiring theLooks that are shared on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. andEven on the most popular online stores like Shein andFashionNova.

A Florida trendsetter

Ruthann Palacios, also known as @Ruesworldd is a blogger. fashionInfluencer andBlogger from Broward County. She is the majority of theClothing pieces and outfitsShe wears, inspiring her followers at TikTok andInstagram every day. Palacios shares her thoughts on how her style has influenced herself andHer motivation was to create more.

Top summer fashion trends: Looks from the ’70s and ’90s

Ruthann Palacios (or @Ruesworldd) shows off one of her designs. She is based near South Florida.

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“Honestly, I don’t really have a favorite trend. I’m kind of just embracing it all! I consider myself an influencer. andMy followers are what keep me going. I love receiving messages from my followers about how my work helps other people learn how to dress. and influences them to start wanting to create their own clothes is what keeps me going,’’ Palacious said.

“I didn’t start taking fashionI didn’t take it seriously until three years ago because I knew I had a talent. andIt was time for us to stop playing. andShow it off. It is my belief that fashionThis has had a profound impact on social media, making it even more important to wear whatever you like, no matter what. theType of clothing

“I also think that most of the fashionThis is what is currently trending. fashionThat was already done and worn back in theDay. These trends are just getting more light because of their light. theWe currently have apps that everyone can access via their phone. and not on TV or a magazine,’’ she added.

Palacios is one among thousands. fashionThese social media sites have influencers that she uses to inspire others with her love of style andCreativity. She is always a surprise to her followers with a new creation or detail to finish her looks andGive it her personal touch.

More Trending summer ’21 styles include mesh bodycon, heeled sandals, milk-maid tops, puff sleeves, mini bags, terry cloth, andSmocked gowns

Mariah Brown is a senior mass communication major at Bethune-Cookman University. She is a summerIntern with the Daytona Times.

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