The Most Inappropriate Outfits Lady Gaga Has Ever Worn

According to Britannica, Lady Gaga released her debut album, “The Fame,” in August 2008. Billboard reported that “The Fame” reached multi-platinum status, and Gaga was invited to take the stage at the 2009 VMAs. While performing her song “Paparazzi,” Gaga’s white costume began dripping with fake blood, via Billboard. She ended her legendary performance by dangling from a rope, in an artistic interpretation of her own death.

Was the whole thing a bit dramatic? Absolutely, but there was a good reason, as with all things Gaga. At the time, the songstress was learning how to navigate a media landscape that she felt obsessively covered famous female entertainers’ mishaps and growing pains. As a result, Gaga felt that the media created an unhealthy consumerism which maliciously targeted female entertainers, per Bustle. “If I’m gonna be sexy on the VMAs and sing about the paparazzi, I’m gonna do it while I’m bleeding to death and reminding you of what fame did to Marilyn Monroe, the original Norma Jean, and what it did to Anna Nicole Smith,” Gaga said of her performance, via Bustle. Although her act was only one of the evening’s wow-worthy moments — along with Taylor Swift’s memorable speech — it still stands as one of Gaga’s most enduring artistic moments.

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