The Famed Designer Who Made Cher A Fashion Icon

There are few pop stars and actresses who have a more profound sense of style than Cher. The 75-year-old fashion icon has brought some incredible looks to red carpet appearances and that is all thanks to the mastermind behind her outfits (via Harper’s Bazaar).


The man behind the magic is fashion designer Bob Mackie, who is responsible for creating all of your favorite Cher looks (via the New York Post). Together, Cher and Mackie made headlines in 1988 all because of one dress that has gone down in history as one of the best.

The dress was lovingly referred to as “the naked Cher dress,” and if you find yourself picturing more than one dress when you hear that phrase, you’re right. “The naked Cher dress” became synonymous with Cher’s 1980s fashion, but the one that made headlines was the infamous black, see-through dress with feathers, beads, and sequence. While all of her looks are stunning, this one has stood above the rest.

While Mackie may have become a household name because of his work with Cher, he has been designing outfits for some of the most influential celebrities over the last several decades.

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