The Best ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot Fashion Trends To Steal This Fall


With Gossip Girl Officially back on your screens, the outfits of those Constance Billard coeds are similarly back on everyone’s minds and mood boards. Much like its predecessor, the new show’s queen bees are dripping in the designers of the moment. From Christopher John Rogers to Balenciaga, it’s the wardrobe that prep school dreams are made of — and soon-to-be-iconic Gossip Girl fashion trends are born from.

Eric Daman, a costume designer, is responsible for the luxurious looks that grace the event. the steps of The Met Once again. As the costume designer original Gossip Girl series Daman has shown that, while fashion trends may change over time, the influential style of these fictional Upper East siders is timeless.

The revamped show’s current looks embody the sought-after closets of cool-girls of today, with the cast of fashionable characters rocking activism-focused details, unique street style, and CFDA-winning designers.

Proof that the juicy tidbits aren’t the only thing the HBO Max series has to offer, there are five Gossip Girl fashion trends I’m predicting will be everywhere come fall. Check them all below.

Accessories with Activism

Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

On the 2021 series, one of the Upper East Side’s new fictional residents, Zoya Lott (portrayed by Whitney Peak), is as passionate about activism as I am about her enviable style. The character cleverly incorporates tote bags purchased from Black-owned bookstores into her wardrobe. With an audience (and the titular Gossip Girls) watching her every move, she promotes the value of supporting local Black-owned businessesThis encourages others and makes them more aware of the importance of following her lead. Zoya’s example is a good one. Wear your clothes for a cause. See: this tee below (courtesy of Black- and queer-owned streetwear label, Muxe) that features the beautiful visage of revolutionary LGBTQ+ rights activist Marsha P. Johnson — and whose proceeds are in part donated to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

Knock-Em Dead Knee-High Boots

Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Leader of the social scene Julien Calloway (portrayed by Jordan Alexander) is one of the rebooted series’ new style stars. The high school student is a true influencer. She has a wardrobe full of gifted pieces and the ability to create any look she wants. While spotted on the steps of The Met, Julien is seen wearing knee-high animal-embossed leather boots — and you better believe that I’m already stocking up on my favorite takes on the trend.

The Return of Logo-Mania

Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Labels are not to be avoided Gossip Girl characters of both iterations of the series can be seen onscreen proudly covered in their favorite designers’ monikers. While you remember this trend from the the early aughts, it’s back again just like the scandalous series itself.

Layered knits that are effortless to use

Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Where at times some school-uniform-inspired knits can appear costume-like, the new Gossip Girl’s characters’ take on dressing puts a refreshing twist on the classic style. This new trend is characterized by a slightly larger sweater and cardigan combination. It’s perfect for fall and effortlessly cool. In the coming months, expect to see a lot of cozy looks and mixed patterns.

The Classic Mini-Skirt

Photograph by Emily V. Aragones/HBO Max

The Constance Billard crew are truly scholars when it comes to what’s in and what’s out — noting from epiSode one that headbands are to be scoffed (at least at in their prep school world, they are). And while I’m not throwing away my Blair Waldorf-inspired headbands just yet, I’m so ready to expand my mini-skirt collection after admiring the characters’ rotation of designer itty-bitty looks. This Herve Lger option, which is less pre-school-inspired, looks just as chic when paired alongside thigh-high boots. However, it adds just a touch of the scandalous vibes that this rebooted franchise captures. Xoxo and Gossip Girl

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