The Best Gold Chains for Men Are the Finishing Touches Your Summer Outfits Need

For…men, gold chains You better believe it. Over the past few years, men have taken to all types of jewelry with gusto. They now wear pearls, beads and not-so-precious gemstones just like their parents.

The simple gold chain is still the best piece of jewelry. These necklaces were loved by men like Tony Soprano who wore his simple gold pendant necklace while smoking cigars in his New Jersey mansion pool. Or Michael Jordan who wore a pair of curb chain necklaces as he flew from the foul line in 1987. His Airness paired it with a single, diamond-cut earring from time to time.

What is the secret to the gold chain’s lasting appeal? First, gold will always be one step above sterling silver and in a different league from stainless steel. A right gold chain can instantly add swagger and style to your summertime. outfitsWithout making you look like a Miami promoter trying out to sell dubiously-sourced uppers beyond LIV.

Best of all, there are almost endless options. Do you want white gold or rose gold? You can choose between a chunky rope chain and a more compact cable chain. A trendy choker or a traditional collar? (And that’s not even going to get into karat count. To help you find the necklace of your dreams, we went deep on the best gold chains for men, unearthing a treasure trove of choices—including a bunch that won’t permanently curb-stomp your credit card. Enjoy.

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