The 50 Best Friends Episodes, Ranked


“The One With All the Kissing” (Season 5, Episode 2)

Sure, one of the best choices Friends makes is turning Chandler and Monica’s night in London into a relationship, but the real masterstroke is the choice to keep that a secret. It quickens the heart rate of the first half of Season 5, like the show is dancing though a heist, elevating an already stellar era of storylines. “The One With All the Kissing” is the first time Friends has this thump, thump, thump in its normal environment, and it is glorious. Also, Ross is struggling because, you know, he just said another woman’s name at the altar, the woman in question is in love with him, and Phoebe is envious of the non-pregnant friends’ trip to London. It’s all great stuff.

Note: While it’s very fun, Chandler kisses Rachel and Phoebe, and possibly Monica, without their consent in this episode.

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