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The road to becoming an author fashion designer wasn’talways clear to Marcia Santiago. She was a new mom in 2014, and was on maternity leave from her surgical tech job. “looking for something to do.”

This brand, which began as a hobby for maternity-leave mothers, will be featured in the New York Fashion Week show next month.

“I thought about making clothes, designing a couple of prom dresses or wedding dresses for my friends. I didn’t know it would turn into a whole company,”Santiago. “It was supposed to be little and simple, and it just kept growing and growing.”

The South Jersey resident isn’t a stranger to New York Fashion Week. Kloset Slayer, her brand was first showcased at New York Fashion Week in 2017. It has continued to appear there every year since.

“I started off with Atlantic City Fashion Week; that was my first fashion week that I ever did. I realized then I wanted to do something bigger,”Santiago said the following while sitting on a couch at her Barnegat Township house. “New York Fashion Week offers better opportunities for people as far as buyers and things like that. Around here, you’re not going to get that kind of exposure.”

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According to the Council of Fashion Designers of America, New York City’s semi-annual fashionEach week, $887 million is generated in economic impact. It has a greater impact on the economy than competitors fashionAccording to a report by U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee Democrats.

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