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While there’s no end toThe variety and designs of men’s sneakers in the market, having a definite budget can easily help you narrow down your options. If you are searching for a new pair of sneakers, forShoes that are affordable for menSome of the top brands include Sparx, Campus, and Bata. Coming toThe designs of sneakers for menYou can choose between slip-on or lace-up styles and a variety of materials such as leather, canvas, and more. SneakersThese are the most comfortable shoes for running and walking, and they are also great for those who have sensitive feet. wearOn most days, wear a mix of jeans and T-shirt. pairYour best option is to have one or two pairs of sneakers on rotation for looking good. Check out our suggestions for sneakers for men underThe price point of Rs 999:

These fashionable white sneakers feature a rubber sole with a PU upper. These sneakers are made from PU uppers and a rubber sole. withSide stripes with sporty details. These sneakers will be a classic addition toYour wardrobe and will pair withAll types of casual outfits.

You can also get the sneakers in two additional colors.


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These neutral shoes in a tan color will be a nice addition to your wardrobe toThe wardrobe and will pair withMost of your casual outfits. These lace up sneakers have an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate bottom and a high quality mesh upper.

These sneakers are made in Italy toLasts long and provides comfort toYour feet.

Canvas sneakers are a great option forDaily wear. These sneakers feature a dual coloured sole and metallic accessories that hold the shoe’s laces.

Pair the round-toe sneakers with smart pants. withCombination of polo and skinny jeans.

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These sneakers are stylish and smart. forFor guys who are looking for something more to flaunt a colour that’s different from the norm. These grey sneakers feature a leather upper and grey-colored shoelaces.

Pair the sneakers with a great pair of jeans. withBoth casualSemi-formal outfits.

For men who want toThis is a great way to avoid the hassles of laces pairSlip-on shoes would be ideal forIt. The shoes are made of PU leather on their outside and are tailored. withMesh fabric on the interior

These slip-on sneakers are perfect for everyday wear. They have panelled details on their outside and are perfect for casual wear. for casual wear.

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