Skidrow Fashion Week X Humanity Showers Helps Homelss in L.A. With Project Give a [email protected]#k

On Aug. 21, Skidrow Fashion Week and Humanity Showers will host a shower pop-up event through Project Give a F@#k, which will benefit Los Angeles' homeless population by providing complimentary showers, haircuts, food and a clothing drive. 
Image: Skidrow Fashion Week and Humanity Showers

Skidrow Fashion Week will host a pop-up shower event on Aug 21. Project Give a [email protected]#k will sponsor the event. This will benefit Los Angeles’ homeless population with free showers, haircuts, food, and a clothing drive.
Image: Skidrow Fashion Week & Humanity Showers

Skidrow Fashion Week has been helping the homeless population of Southern California since its inception. “one T-shirt at a time,”The organization will partner with Humanity Showers on Aug. 21 to host a special outreach event for Los Angeles. Skidrow Fashion Week and Humanity showers are hosting an event at San Julian Park on August 21 to help a portion of the over 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles.

Skidrow Fashion Week offers training and jobs to people who are homeless through Skidrow Manufacturing. Rich Marshall, a skate industry veteran and David Sabastian, founded the company. The organization is located on Main Street, Los Angeles. It employs freelancers who live on Skid Row, just a few blocks away. As they learn to screenprint socks, T-shirts, and hoodies, these workers can make money.

“The last thing the world needs is another song or T-shirt, so I figured if we started a fashion business, it had to be around impact,”Sabastian. “When I grew up in Torrance, there was a large homeless community under the 110 freeway near my house and I developed friendships there. But too often, the homeless are forgotten. They have been saying they are cleaning up Skid Row for years, but the larger problem is rehabilitation and opportunity. That’s the ethos of this, you buy more clothes, you help more people because the clothes are manufactured by people in the community.”

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Humanity Showers offers showers to homeless people. It also partners with local barbers to provide grooming for those in need. The organization also offers hygiene packs, new socks, undergarments and shoes, as well as clothing. Participants will have the opportunity to receive haircuts, clothing, food, and spiritual healing from Reiki practitioners.

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