Rose Vega Reveals Special Gift Given By Boyfriend Greg

90 Day Fiancé viewers recall the gifts Big Ed Brown gave Rose Vega on Before the 90 Days after she reveals what Greg gifted her on Valentine’s Day.

Former 90 Day Fiancé cast member Rose Vega shows off the special gift she received from her new boyfriend Greg Scherwinski. Rose may have left the TLC franchise but she’s considered the hero of 90 Day Fiancé by many viewers. Rose became a worldwide sensation following her toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend Big Ed Brown and how she escaped it. Big Ed was shunned by viewers for his menacing ways. While Rose has yet to make a reality TV comeback after 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4, she’s kept people entertained via YouTube and Instagram.

On 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Big Ed traveled to Rose’s native Philippines to meet her for the first time. Big Ed insulted Rose, her living conditions, and her past, with statements that were truly offensive. Big Ed tried to explain toothbrushes after he gifted Rose one due to her “not pretty” breath. Big Ed was embarrassed when Rose told him a stomach ulcer affected her breath. He also gave Rose a “big surprise” by bringing her a piece of lingerie which shocked the single mom. Viewers have had a hard time forgetting Big Ed’s awful gifts.


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Luckily, things are different for Rose now. In her latest YouTube video, Rose filmed herself cleaning her house after Greg, her “special someone” left the Philippines. In a previous video, Greg helped Rose build three new doors for her house. He was shown painting, scrubbing, and finishing, which Rose took time to thank Greg for. But more importantly, Rose finally revealed what Greg gave her for Valentine’s Day. Rose showed off her shiny new laptop in the sweet video.

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According to Rose, she was having a hard time studying for her exams. For weeks and maybe months, Rose kept struggling because her laptop was acting up. So when Greg visited Rose, he gave her a Valentine’s Day gift – a Dell laptop. Rose recalled Greg asking her what she wanted for Valentine’s Day. Greg wanted to go out with her for dinner and more. However, Rose wanted something she could use for a long time. In the comments, viewers applauded Rose and Greg’s relationship. They wrote how the moral of this sweet story is that one should never settle. “Instead find someone who helps you to paint your doors and appreciate you for who you are,” said one viewer.

Many are now waiting for an engagement. They think Rose and Greg make a perfect pair because of how special their love story is. Big Ed is also engaged to his new girlfriend Liz Woods, who he met on 90 Day: The Single Life. It’s rumored that Big Ed will get married to Liz come August. Rose has not given any hints about making her 90 Day Fiancé comeback with Single Life or otherwise. Either way, viewers love that Rose is letting them keep up with her life via her very personal YouTube vlogs.

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