Princess Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer, 30, weds fashion tycoon Michael Lewis for £80million

Lady KittySpencer married Michael, a millionaire tycoon LewisIn an extravagant ceremony in Italy, her friends were there to support her.

Princess Diana’s niece, 30, has spent the last week in the country with pals, getting ready for her wedding to the South Africa-born 62-year-old multi-millionaire – who is five years older than her father Charles Spencer.

At 6pm, the heat of summer began to cool down. Princess Diana’s nieceThe Villa Aldobrandini, a stunning country home with views towards Rome, was the setting for the ceremony.

It’s thought the bride’s dress was made by Italian luxury fashionDolce & Gabbana House, with Lady KittyBeing a global ambassador of the brand

The couple were married by Lady Kitty’s sisters, twins Eliza & Amelia; Viscountess Emma Weymouth, Ceawlin Thynn; pop star Pixie Lott with Oliver Cheshire; Idris Elba’s spouse Sabrina; Made In Chelsea star Mark Vandelli

Also present was a 62-year-old Mr LewisThree of her children are now adults from a previous marriage. Lady Kitty, 30 – the eldest child of Diana’s brother Earl Spencer – is understood to have formed strong relationships with her South African-born husband’s children.

Lady KittySpencer, 30 years old, married millionaire tycoon Michael Lewis62-year old surrounded by family and friends at an extravagant ceremony at Villa Aldobrandini mansion Frascati.

Lady Kitty Spencer married millionaire tycoon Michael Lewis in an extravagant ceremony at the Villa Aldobrandini mansion Frascati, Italy. this weekend The couple were surrounded by their friends and family at the lavish event

 Guests were treated to an incredible light show at the venue last night (left) while musical performers also put on a show under arches of flowers (right)

The newly weds put on a lavish event in Italy, with ornate place settings written in calligraphy Guests were able to enjoy the couple's special day into the night

The newlyweds held a lavish event in Italy with elaborate place settings written in calligraphy. Guests were able to enjoy the couple’s special day into the evening (left and right).

The couple were joined by Lady Kitty's sisters, twins Eliza and Amelia; Viscountess Emma Weymouth (left) and her husband Ceawlin Thynn Also wearing a designer dress was fashion designer Jade Holland Cooper

The couple were married by Lady Kitty’s sisters, twins Eliza und Amelia; Viscountess Emma Weymouth (left), as well as her husband Ceawlin Thynn fashionDesigner Jade Holland Cooper (right), both of whom wore designer dresses

Another famous face on the guest list at the exquisite Italian wedding was Made in Chelsea's Mark Vandelli. He posed for pictures in the gardens, captioning the snap: 'Coming for you @KittySpencer'

Made in Chelsea’s Mark Vandelli was another famous guest at the stunning Italian wedding. He took photos in the gardens and captioned them with the caption: ‘Coming to you @KittySpencer.

Artist Piotr Krzymowski also posed in the gardens of the lavish Italian home donning a navy blue suit with a matching bow tie for the event

Piotr Krazymowski, an artist, posed in the gardens at the lavish Italian home wearing a navy blue suit and matching bow tie.

Jade Holland Cooper posed for pictures with Emma Weymouth in the back of a car, seemingly on their way to the venue

Jade Holland Cooper took pictures with Emma Weymouth while riding in a car on their way towards the venue.

The duo donned their best pouts for some fun snaps in the car ride over to the wedding, fanning themselves to cool down in the Italian heat

The couple donned their best pouts to take some photos on the ride to the wedding. They also enjoyed cooling off in the Italian heat while they fanned themselves with their best sex.

In keeping with the Italian theme fashionGabbana and house Dolce were key players. Many guests were present, including Marjorie Gubelmann, socialite, and Viscountess of Weymouth. fashionDesigner Jade Holland Cooper wore the dresses.

Ms Gubelmann and Viscountess Weymouth posted on Instagram before the ceremony that they were going to be there. outfitsThey were made by the Italian pair, while Ms Holland Cooper wore a small D & G handbag via social media.

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Lady KittyShe may have also chosen to wear the Spencer Tiara, a headpiece made of diamonds and decorated with star-shaped flowers. This was what her aunt wore for her July 28, 1981, wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral. It is not known if Earl Spencer attended the wedding, but on Friday – when the rehearsal took place – he posted a picture on his Instagram account of the gardens at his Althorp estate.

After the ceremony Lady KittyMr. LewisGuests were treated to a meal and dancing, before an amazing fireworks display lit up the Italian skies.

Several of her friends shared posts on social media hints that she was getting married. Dutch fashionModel Marpessa Hisnink posted a selfie KittyWith the words: “Team Bride.” It’s finally happening.

Lady Kitty’s siblings LadyWhile Amelia, 28, and Eliza, have remained silent on social networks in recent days, her father Charles shared a video of Althorp House yesterday morning.

It is unlikely Lady KittyPrince William, 39 and Prince Harry, 36 were the cousins of the Princes. They attended the event in Italy despite the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

The guests gathered on the balcony with the impressive views as they waited for the wedding to begin Guests were treated to incredible views of the town from the expansive balcony of the beautiful mansion and some even seized the opportunity to pose for a picture

Guests enjoyed stunning views of the town from a large balcony at the beautiful mansion. Some even took advantage of the opportunity to pose for pictures

It is thought that wedding guests will be staying at the five star Hotel de la Ville in Rome. They include Viscountess Emma Weymouth as well as Pixie Lott, Piotr Krzymowski and Pixie Lott.

Photographer German Larkin shared the sweet straw bag that was left for guests upon their arrival at the hotel, featuring Italian flag colours on the straps and the word ‘baci’ embroidered across it, which in Italian means ‘kisses’.

The bag contained gifts from the soon-to be married couple.

Friday night was a special occasion. Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Galleria Del Cardinale. This is a beautiful baroque events venue in the city.

Inside the venue were several arches covered in floral arrangements which surrounded the seated guests Several heart-shaped cakes were on display with people pictured tucking into them

Many arches were decorated with floral arrangements and surrounded the seated guests. Several heart-shaped cakes were also on display. People were seen enjoying them.

Guests were treated to a spectacular fireworks display Many of the guests pulled out their phones to document the incredible sight

Guests were treated with a spectacular fireworks display. Many guests took their phones out to capture the amazing sight.

Sharing the menu on their social media accounts, the meals included a classic veal and tuna salad, beef broth and pumpkin cream ravioli, baked eggplant, and a selection of sweet treats.

Lady KittyShe has never spoken out about her husband.

Previously speaking to the summer issue of Town & Country, the model cousin of Princes William and Harry said:  ‘It’s not that I don’t place an importance on love. It’s because love is my most important possession and I will not discuss it.

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“You are open to other people’s opinions and it doesn’t matter to anyone’s life except mine and my family’s.

Despite keeping her lips closed on her boyfriend, Kitty added: ‘I just look forward to a really happy home life: a happy marriage and happy children. And I am very content that things will work out as they should.

As the searing summer heat began to ease at 6pm, Princess Diana's niece said 'I do' in front of a hushed congregation in the Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, a stunning country mansion with views towards Rome

At 6pm, the scorching summer heat began cooling down. Princess Diana’s nieceIn front of a quiet congregation, they said “I do” in front the Villa Aldobrandini (Frascati), a beautiful country mansion with views towards Rome.

Kitty’s fiancé Michael has three adult children and was previously married to a woman named Leola in 1985.

It is not yet clear if it will be. Lady KittyWill convert to Judaism. Mr Lewis”Faith, before the big day.”

In June Lady Kitty was pictured showing off a large diamond ring on her engagement finger at London’s Cash & Rocket Masquerade Ball.

Made in Chelsea star Mark Francis Vandelli uploaded this snarky photo from Rome, saying: “And so begins @kitty.spencer”

Simon Huck, another friend, posted a snap while enjoying a drink in the city. He wrote: ‘And so, it begins.

While KittyWhile her friends seem unable to contain their excitement over the wedding via social media, her family has remained much more relaxed.

Lady Kitty’s sister LadyAmelia and Eliza haven’t shared posts in several weeks. However, Charles Spencer posted a video of his Althorp House yesterday morning.

The model has spent the last week in Italy with friends, with several going on to share posts that hinted that her nuptials were imminent The model has spent the last week in Italy with friends, with several going on to share posts that hinted that her nuptials may be imminent

The model has been spending the last week in Italy visiting friends. Many shared posts that suggested her nuptials were imminent (pictured right, one shared a post captioned “Team Bride”, and Mark Francis tagged). KittyRome, writing: “So it starts …’

This week, KittyShared a photo of a girl in a leopard print bodycon gown as she took a snap on a bridge during a girls weekend in Florence.

Many comments seemed to hint at the big event, with one comment saying: ‘Yeah! Can’t wait to meet you!’ Meanwhile artist Piotr Kamil Kryzmowski writing: ‘Can’t wait!’

Just like Diana, the London-born daughter of Diana’a brother Charles Spencer and Victoria Aitken, grew up in the Spencer family seat Althorp in Northamptonshire.

While KittyWhile she is often seen looking glamorous in public, Louis, her brother, who is set to inherit the title of their father, keeps a lower profile.

“Primogeniture is a complicated topic because attitudes are changing and times are changing.” We have grown up knowing that Louis is the inheritor, and Louis will do an extraordinary job. KittyAdditional.

She spoke of her childhood and said, “We have such an emotional connection to Althorp.”

Earlier this week, Kitty shared a photograph posing in a leopard print bodycon dress as she posed for a snap on a bridge during a girl's weekend in Florence

This week, KittyA photo was shared showing a leopard print bodycon gown worn by a girl during a weekend in Florence.

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Several comments appeared to hint at the upcoming big event, with some saying they were 'so excited'

Several comments suggested that there would be a big event. Some even said they were so excited.

“That’s where we would hold our Easter-egg hunts, and our Christmases. I have my vegetable patch, I learned to ride a horse there and I also learned to ride a bicycle and a rollerblade.

“It’s so wonderful to look back on history and think that everybody else probably learned how to ride horses there, too.”

The Spencer siblings – including twin sisters Eliza and Amelia –  all turned heads when they attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle  in 2018.

Overnight KittyThe Instagram following of ”s soared from 37,000 to half a million.

“I woke up the next morning and looked at my phone and thought,” “Whoops, did I take someone else’s by mistake?”. It was very strange, and a little overwhelming.

Speaking about her relationship with her siblings, Eliza and Amelia, she added:  ‘We are a bit of a tripod. It was terrible to be separated this past year.

They are in South Africa, which is an hour ahead of you, and there are two flights going there every day. This gives you the comforting thought of. “I could always be there in the morning if I needed to be.”

Wedding guests have been making the most of the beautiful Italian sunshine (pictured) ahead of the big event on Saturday evening

Wedding guests are enjoying the beautiful Italian sunshine (pictured), ahead of Saturday’s big event.

Princess Diana's niece jetted off to the French Riviera earlier last summer. Pictured, in Nemi in a £1,750 D&G dress

Princess Diana’s nieceThis was the summer I jetted off to France’s Riviera. Pictured, in Nemi in a £1,750 D&G dress

“It’s been terrible to be completely isolated, and thinking, come whatever may, that we can’t support each other …’

Despite living a jet-set lifestyle, KittyDue to the Covid-19 pandemic, he has travelled less this year.

Last summer, KittyShe shared an inside look into her luxury trip to France’s Riveriea and Italy’s Amalfi Coast & Capri, sharing delicious meals and picturesque beaches on her Instagram page.

 KittyFrom a young age, has had a global outlook. He grew up between Althorp in South Africa and Cape Town, South Africa.

She studied at the University of Cape Town and later studied art history in Florence.

On being a student in Italy, she added: ‘Everything felt so simple and carefree, but you’re still being stimulated in a culturally rich environment.

“It’s pure pleasure and learning, and being around every type of beauty. Florence will be my home if I live long enough to retire.

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