Plus-size fashion retailer in name change; to open freestanding stores

Altar’d State is upping its game in women’s mid-size and plus-size fashions.

The young women’s apparel retailer has changed the name of its  A’Beautiful Soul brand, which offers sizes 10 to 24, to Arula.  The new nameIt means “shining as the sun, brilliant and filled with grace.” The ethos of Arula is “Inspired by Beauty,” the company said.

“We value our guests above all, and what we heard from them is that the old name had some negative implications, and that’s not how we want our guests to feel,” said Dana Seguin, Arula chief marketing officer. “We want our guests feel beautiful, inspired, and uplifted. After reviewing this feedback, we decided that we needed a different name that reflected our values.

There are currently 17 Arula storefronts attached to Altar’d State stores. The shops offer a unique experience that engages the senses of the shopper and raises the bar. mid-size and plus-size shopping. Arula, as a brand, stated that it aspires for customers to leave the store feeling better than they felt when they entered. According to the company, its customer is a woman aged 25-35 who loves to be beautiful, has a passion to give back, and has a love for helping others. fashion.

Altar’d State plans on growing the Arula brand, and expanding it into new markets. Altar’d State plans to open a standalone Arula shop in October. More locations will follow.

Arula hopes to create an online experience that shoppers can enjoy from anywhere. It offers models of different sizes, easy dressing tools, and a high-quality guest service that will set it apart.  

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“This brand started from the heart,” said Aaron Walters, chairman and CEO of Altar’d State, Arula and Vow’d (the company’s wedding brand). “I have memories as a child shopping with my mother and seeing her break down and cry from never being able to find anything to wear. That stuck with me and has driven us to create beautiful options for those who have not had options in the past. Sixty-seven percent of women only have 3% of the floor space in shopping centers, and we are going to change this.” 

Founded in 2009, Altar’d State operates 120 locations in 37 states. The company advocates for retail to be connected with goodwill. It offers a variety of services, including donations to local communities and a generous volunteer program for associates. It also funds child-focused, global initiatives to support social development in underserved areas of Peru.

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