Parisian Style 2021 — Parisian Women Tell You: How To Be Delicacy

What is Parisian Style

Walking on the streets of Paris, you will find that most of the French women wear the basic white shirts and jeans, but their shoes are unique. A pair of delicated shoes has already expressed parisian style

Even if Parisian women dress elegantly from top to bottom, you can not figure out any style without the shoes on their feet.

So the core of Paris women’s style is from the selection of shoes,since a pair of exquisite shoes show their unique personality and deep to the essence of the exquisite.

No woman can resist the temptation of French style. After all, compared with the exaggerated dress on the show, Paris women’s chic style is simple and unique and more suitable for our daily wear

Clothes can speak

American psychic inspirational master Pike Phil often uses a dress game as the beginning in the gas field training.

He would invite 10 men to the front of the stage and ask them to turn their backs to the people under the stage, and then invite 10 women to the stage and let them choose the men they can trust.

Every time more than 70% of the women choose to stand behind those men with neat clothes, straight suits, exquisite clothes, orthodox shoes and orderly hairstyles

And the men who wear clothes with wrinkled and sloppy tend to be empty behind them.

Master Phil will let these men see the facts and go back to the dressing room to rearrange their clothes.

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As long as they realize that “clothes speak”, they change into neat and decent clothes, and then stand back in front of the stage. Behind them, there are women standing in line.

Master Phil used this cruel fact to remind all the people. A person’s aura starts from the image outside. Different appearance presents different styles, and the style has its own language.

If you were able to dress how you actually want to, what would you wear?

I met a woman at a party and talked about her trip to Europe and the Chanel trench coat she had just bought.

But heard a woman nearby mumble: “never seen so rough from a famous brand, the line is not straight, just like the ground stall goods.”

I look at the clothes carefully, Chanel’s unique twill soft fabric is indeed stretched out of shape by her strong figure, and the lines that were comfortable, loose and elegant have become crooked, and the sense of value is greatly reduced.

Absolutely Many people around us wear all kinds of famous brands. The price of their whole body clothes is more than 10 thousand usd, but you always feel like wearing counterfeit goods.

In conclusion, many people want to show their own value and taste through clothing, so they buy all kinds of famous brands. Unfortunately, the clothes don’t make those people valuable, and the clothes themselves looks cheaper because of the wearer.

Parisian Woman’s Guide to Style

Style shows taste, and taste sets off style.

In the way of style, Parisian women can be said to be unprecedented. They are really a magical existence, as if they were born to be the owners of the word “style”.

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Inclusive, outstanding but not too exaggerated style, simple but classic, plain color is the most invincible color.

Parisian Style

Thin brassiere wearing a well cut shirt or dress, let the clothes gently embrace their body shape, let them like their own clothes, sexy but low-key bloom.

From the inside to the outside, from the details to the heel, they wear exquisite is their ritual sense.

The delicacy of Parisian women’s style is not reflected in wearing more tight skirts and gorgeous accessories, but in their attitude towards life and the interpretation of fashion, which is always a calm and natural attitude.

This mentality is completely complete, and now their dress is simple and exquisite.

Parisian Style

How To Decorate Or Dress Parisian Style

First of all, they always choose the most comfortable underwear, which is the most internal expression of their love to a delicate life.

Secondly, the color of black and white, simple style is always Paris women’s favorite, very ordinary clothing, but so harmonious and tasteful, temperament is fascinating.

A simple white shirt and a pair of jeans, make Parisian women sexy, charming and casual. When you observe carefully, the secret of this parisian style is that shoes, which are unique and fashionable with pointed, square or round heads, are their magic weapon to show elegance and delicacy.

Parisian Style

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