Nina Parker Shares Her Best Fashion Tips For Plus-Sized Women

Nina Parker didn’t have any intention of becoming a clothing designer — but necessity forced her to. The need to get dressed up every night for “Nightly Pop” and the difficulty of finding cute pieces that fit forced her to improvise. “I had such a lack of options,” she said. “That’s really where my look came from because we started sewing things together and creating looks because we didn’t have another option.”

And to her surprise, she discovered she enjoyed the challenge — and she wanted other plus-sized women to be able to enjoy flattering looks too. “I have the luxury of having a stylist and having a network help me, and I still was struggling,” she said. “I didn’t want that for other women, the everyday woman, trying to find something to go to work. I wanted to be able to help her style herself and feel good about it.”

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