Men’s style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: The styleguide to gym & sportswear

Look at the lead code

Hair: Curly and straight, with a curly length. The hair was wetted and left natural to give texture.

Brows: Full brows and clean ends.

Face: Smooth, clear, and clean shaven.

Lips with narrow lips

Others: Sculpted arms and boxing gloves, as well as a ribbed white vest. To moisturize the skin, we used Nourishmantra’s Soft Nirvana lotion.

Class Rings

Gym wear

A great workout outfit does more than make you look good. Whether you’re squatting, jumping, lunging, or focusing on your flow, a strong selection of exercise gear is the finishing touch to any successful gym routine.

Look for a style that is comfortable, flattering, functional, and flattering to your body. Consider whether you are a lean, bulky or athletic guy.

I recommend that you limit your gym wear color palette to black, grey, and white with two primary colours. This will ensure that whatever you choose to pack or wear, they will all work together.

Fabrics and materials

Workout clothes are made to absorb sweat. A performance tee-shirt will draw sweat away from your body, and onto the outer surface. Performance fabrics are typically made of polyester and Lycra, which can include Spandex. These fabrics will dry faster, cost more, and keep you comfortable while you work out.

Don’t make the mistake of wearing heavy-weight cotton t-shirts as they tend to hold on to moisture, making your workout an uncomfortable experience both during and after you finish your routine.

It is all about size

Too loose clothes can restrict your movement and make you appear smaller than you really are.

You should choose a fit that fits you well, but allows you to move freely. A more fitted silhouette will give you more aesthetic appeal. Your workout goals should guide your clothing choices.

These three must-haves


You have the option of singlets or vests, tank tops, tank tops, tees, cut sleeve vests, compression tops, and tank tops.


It is a good idea to wear shorts that allow for movement, especially during leg day. Make sure the fabric is soft and stretchable, so it does not restrict or cut and hurt you where and when it shouldn’t.


A pair of durable, comfortable, and flexible tracks is the best. They are strong and durable enough to be worn with you. Try several brands until you find the right one for you. It is important not to make the hair too long, as it can be both distracting and obstructive.


Your gym kit should include more than just a protein shake and water source. If you’re a guy who goes out with a partner or to hook up after a workout, make sure to pack some support underwear, two sets of quick drying towels (large and small), and a pair of socks.

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You should ensure that your feet are properly supported and protected by the footwear that you choose. Wearing the right footwear will reduce your chance of injury and increase your physical performance. You should ensure that the shoes fit correctly and that the laces are securely tied.

Sporty clothes


A football-specific jersey, shirt and socks are essential. Jokstraps and/or underwear should be worn underneath the shorts to provide the correct support. The jersey can be V, round neck, half- or cut sleeve (called a football bib), and the shorts can be ultra-short.

The primary colour palette includes red, blue and yellow as well as black, as well as white. Most football clothing is plain and in bright colours so that you can be spotted from the pitch. Sometimes, printed (stripes), or textured.

Shin guards protect against injury


Polo tops and tennis tshirts are essential. These can be worn with or without short sporty collars. Some tennis tops are designed to liberate a player’s swing. Your tennis clothing should be comfortable, breathable, and moisture wicking.

Tennis shorts can be either short, medium or long. Of course, there’s no compromise to the performance element, with an ultra-breathable and unrestrictive waistband, deep, pleated pockets, and mesh inserts for optimal ventilation. Many tennis sweaters feature a deep V neckline and are often ribbed. Tennis shoes are designed to provide propulsion and efficiency on court, with abrasion resistance.

Protective gear: Some players prefer to wear a baseball caps that offer protection from the sun’s glare when they look up to make a serve.


Tank tops, tees, shorts, leggings and shoes for basketball are all acceptable. Tops can be cut, high or half-sleeved and may have a v neck or round neck. They help you stay dry while you train by being made from a breathable fabric. A few t-shirts are made with a light, quick-drying fabric that is also breathable. Sleeves are an option to keep your muscles warm.

Basketball shorts can be worn for warm-ups or training. They should be lightweight, breathable, and flexible to allow you to move freely.

Protective gear: The knee sleeves protect you against falls. They provide optimal support and compression.


Boxers are required to wear boxing trunks and tops as well as boxing shoes, gloves, and mouthguards. Before entering the ring, some boxers wear a hooded gown.

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Boxers prefer to wear sleeves that are cut off. This allows their shoulders to move freely and allows them to take off the top easily if they’re still wearing gloves. Most boxers wear vests. Professional boxers typically wear long shorts with a loose fitting leg. They are usually high waisted and have a thick elastic band. Boxing shoes offer the best support for quick footwork. Boxers can also wear shorts with fitted vests.

Protective gear: Wearing hand wraps under boxing gloves and practice can prevent sore knuckles.

Five products for active men

1. The perfect running shoes

These running shoes were created by combining years of athlete data and the unique technology of 3D printing.

Adidas’ 4DFWD running shoes are both eye-catching and functional.

Every runner is different. They train differently and run in different ways. The best running shoe for them will depend on their foot shape, biomechanics, running style, and the amount of running they do. Running shoes are designed for protection and support. They provide traction on all surfaces, cushion landing shocks, and support your feet.

My favorite is the adidas 4DFWD. These shoes were created by combining years of athlete data and the unique technology of 3D printing. The shoe also features a combination of 4D technology and EVA technology to ensure a soft landing every step. The shoe is perfectly printed and placed to ensure a smooth run. An angled heel increases impact absorption. The shoe is available in a unique combination of black and green.

Style tip: Wear this pair with ultra-short running pants and ankle-length sports socks.

2. Waterless shampoo and bath

Having clean hair and a fresh body are an important aspect of maintaining personal hygiene, which these products ensure
Clean hair and a clean body are important aspects of personal hygiene. These products help to ensure this.

Clensta’s waterless shampoo and body bath offers active men a clean, sanitised shower and haircare option.

A clean and fresh hair is essential for maintaining personal hygiene, especially if you are active in fitness or sports.

The body bath kills 99 percent germs and removes body odour. The shampoo prevents hair problems such as bad hair hygiene, which can lead to a foul smelling scalp, bacterial growth, and eventually infection. Both products offer an innovative solution to water scarcity.

Personal care tip: Use after a game or workout and before you change.

3.Oil for your defined bodies

When consumed internally natural oils have numerous health & wellness benefits
Natural oils can be used internally to provide many health and wellness benefits.

Conscious food’s organic ghee, oils and other natural products are good for your skin and hair.

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Natural oils can be used internally to provide many health and wellness benefits. When applied externally, they can also have healing, moisturizing, and antibacterial properties.

Ghee softens the skin and acts as an antioxidant. It has Vitamins A and D, E, K, which have multiple skin benefits. Coconut oil is hydrating, smoothing and minimizing wrinkles. It can also be used for skin conditions and breakouts. It strengthens hair and improves scalp strength. Apricot oil improves skin tone, softens and radiances the skin, while reducing the appearance wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. Use it daily or just before bed.

Skincare tip: Avoid oils on your skin if acne is a problem.

4.Refreshing Body Wash

The refreshing body wash set from Phy.
The refreshing body wash set by Phy.

Use a body wash or shower gel after a hard workout to get rid of any sweat residue or eliminate odours.

I felt rejuvenated and reenergized after using these two varieties on very humid days. These sulphate free formulations gently cleanse skin without drying it out. They also leave behind a long lasting, fresh-smelling fragrance. The smell notes are aqua, sea kelp & mint, and earthy (gingko leaf extracts & olive oil).

Grooming tip – Make a lather and then scrub your skin with a loofah to exfoliate and remove old skin cells.

5.Natural strength and energy

Testoboost by Rasayanam is an ayurvedic blend of Shilajit, Ashwagandha and Safed Musli
Testoboost is an ayurvedic mix of Shilajit, Ashwagandha, and Safed Musli.

Instead of opting for chemical-based supplements (often unreliable and unscrupulous sources), which may have side effects, I recommend trying natural, traditional, time-tested supplements that can boost your energy levels and improve your performance.

This Ayurvedic blend, which includes Shilajit, Ashwagandha and Safed Musli, is designed to provide energy and strength. Each of these ingredients is known to have numerous health benefits. The capsule gels, as well as the formulation, are made only with vegetarian, natural ingredients.

Wellness tip: Before taking any new supplements, consult a doctor.

The author is a trainer and consultant in image, style, and grooming.

From HT Brunch, August 15, 2020

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