Men’s style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: The A to Z of men’s style

Decoding the lead look

Hair: Medium length, messy and uneven. Wet and difficult to manage under the shower.

Brows: Trimmed, shaped.

Face: Clean, smooth skin. We used the Cade shaving cream by L’Occitane Homme for a moisturising, nick free shave and applied the Anagh face oil by Vedix to address pigmentation.

Lips: Full, thick, moist and kissable.

Others: A single stud in one ear. A well-defined and chiselled upper physique.

Accessories: The last accessory to be added, but the most visible. There is no need to spend more than you have. Match them with your look and the dominant color of your clothes. You can match brown with black or black with dark brown.

Belts: They do more than just hold your pants in place. You should choose slim over thick belts and your buckles should be as discrete as possible. You can choose between casual or formal.

Color: It sets the mood and makes a statement. You can choose the colour that suits your skin tone, personality and season. You have the choice to wear pastels or jewel tones, light, medium, dark, neutrals, eye-catching neon, or even brighter colors.

The most popular leisurewear staple, the drawstring pant. They must be relaxed fitting and comfortable. Usually in light colours. Look for soft fabrics that feel like second skin.

Embroidery is the art of embellishing and decorating garments with stitches in silks and yarns. It can also include sequins and beads, feathers and real silver and gold. It is better to have less than you think. You will always look sophisticated and chic with subtle and minimal embroidery.

Fabrics: They are the basis of everything you wear. They can be knitted, knitted, or woven and include silk to organdie, silk and georgette, pannier and jersey. There are many options for colours, weights, and print options.

Gathering is a sewing technique that reduces a piece of fabric’s length so that a longer one can match and be attached with a shorter one. It is used to manage, a source of fullness — such as on a cuff or sleeve of a shirt or jacket.

Hats: An old school accessory that’s made quite the comeback. Choose a style that flatters your face shape, and place it at an angle that highlights your features. A variety of materials are used to make this stye, including wool, straw, felt, and wool.

Indigo: This is the colour that revolutionized jeans. Has its origins in India and is one of our first and biggest fashion contributions to the world. It was originally worn on denim, but it is now used extensively on almost everything else.

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Jumpsuits: Formerly industrial gear, but now a full full-fledged fashion trend. You can wear them with or without shoulder straps, and they will give you a casual street look. You can wear them alone or over a vest, or top. They are not suitable for streetwear or casual wear.

Kilts: A traditional knee length men’s skirt with pleats, often associated with Scotland or Celtic culture. These are now available in casual wear in a variety materials. Bet you didn’t know that when the nights become cold, this garment is removed and is spread out to create a blanket to keep the wearer warm.

Lining: Lining refers to an inner layer of fabric such as silk or faux fur that provides a polished finish and hides seams or details on garments. Linings can also be used to reinforce shapes or add insulation. Linings are often visible and not hidden nowadays, especially when worn under formal or casual jackets.

Military: One of the strongest menswear influences that has defined the way we dress, even if we aren’t in the army, air force or navy. It has shaped sportswear, casual wear, and formal wear to a great extent.

Necktie: The staple of men’s work and formal wear. They should be slim, avoid bold prints or large patterns and they should not extend below the belt. You can match your tie to the colour of the jacket or shirt by using contrasts. To make your look different, you can change your tie often.

Outdated: Old or no longer in use trends, looks garments and accessories. Does not refer to things that have been written off, but most certainly those that don’t deserve to be worn or put on show in present times. It is best to keep these items at the back or donate them to charity.

Pyjamas are both comfort and homewear. The pandemic made the garment a popular choice and it’s here to stay. Choose fabrics that are soft and breathable. They have the natural ability to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. A loose fit is preferred.

Quilted jackets: A winter garment. You must be lightweight, reversible and waterproof. It can be worn in many colours, including white, black, silver, as well as dark blues.

Raincoats: Protective clothing that will keep you dry during a downpour. Available in a variety of colours, including printed and transparent options. Hoods can be optional but are recommended to provide greater protection.

Shoes: They are not as discreet as once. There are many styles, colours, sizes and textures to choose from. You can wear them for sports, office, casual and formal wear.

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T-shirts: The worlds most common fashion garment. Available as v – neck, round neck or sometimes fitted with collars. You can wear it for casual, semi-formal, or sports dressing. A man should have at least two pairs of underwear in his closet.

Underwear is second skin for most. They not only provide the best support, but also enhance your sex appeal. Choose cotton over everything else, and choose a style or shape you love.

Vintage: Classic, timeless styles. Vintage: These are sought-after garments and accessories that can look old-fashioned. A collector’s favourite. This term describes both a style and a time period. Include waistcoats and bell bottoms, footwear, certain styles, jeans, safari suits, and bush shirts.

Watch: An accessory which has been reinvented over and over again. This watch tells you more than the time. It speaks for itself before you do. Digital watches can have a classic dial or a variety of straps. They may also come fully loaded with new features or tech.

X-ray vision: This is not sci-fi. It’s now being incorporated on eyewear. Soon you will be able look at things that were never intended to be seen with the naked eye.

Yoke: A yoke, a shaped piece of pattern that forms part or all of a garment, is usually fitted around the neck and shoulders. It can also be worn around the hips to support looser parts.

Zippers: Zippers have no hooks. They have two rows of ‘teeth’ that slide together to bind and fasten openings on bags, jeans, jackets or trousers. Until the 80’s they were hidden and concealed but are now intentionally stitched on garments and accessories to be noticed and seen.

Stylish tech

My pick of four new design based functional tech products that will add to your style quotient:

1. The Dyson lightCycle morph floor light

The lamp reduces the strain on your eyes, kills harmful blue light from your screens or devices and improves your sleep patterns

This award-winning advanced tech-based designer light from Dyson looks just as good as it functions. It reduces strain on your eyes, eliminates harmful blue light from screens or devices, improves sleep patterns (the secret of looking well groomed), and tracks and maintains the optimal daylight based on where you are located.

The elegant light can transform your favorite corner into a stylish workstation during the day and a cozy setting at night. Its modern, futuristic white and silver color makes it feel contemporary and chic. However, it can still lift any minimalist interior.

2. The FitBit Luxe

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The fitbit has a light stainless-steel case and narrow display, with a fashion jewellery like look and fee
The fitbit has a light stainless-steel case and narrow display, with a fashion jewellery like look and fee

The new FitBit Luxe is a fashion forward fitness and wellness tracker designed to make you take a more holistic approach to your health and wellness.

This sleek, slim smart watch sits comfortably on your wrist thanks to its soft, comfortable shape. It has a light stainless-steel case and narrow display, with a fashion jewellery like look and feel. This watch is precise enough to allow advanced sensor technology to track your heart rate, sleep patterns, and stress levels. This smart watch is gender neutral and suitable for both men and women.

3. The over-ear bluetooth headphones from Philips

The headset comes with an active noise cancellation function which can be changed to ambient mode as and when necessary
The headset comes with an active noise cancellation function which can be changed to ambient mode as and when necessary

The lightweight but heavy duty range of headsets from Philips are stylish and functional and a must have for those of you who like an excellent audio or acoustic experience while yet making a strong style statement.

They have an active noise cancellation function that can be switched to ambient mode when needed. With a long playtime, a quick charge option, these high–res headphones are equipped with touch controls, and Google assistant to manage your next move. It also features a built-in mic and echo cancelling. The neckband variant provides both comfort and convenience.

4. The misfit trimmer by boAt

The has a continuous usage of about 90 minutes, while a digital display keeps you well informed about it
The has a continuous usage of about 90 minutes, while a digital display keeps you well informed about it

In a market overwhelmed with trimmers, the affordable T150 from Misfit is both functional and practical. Although the unit has a retro appearance, the modern features make it stand out.

The unit can be used continuously for around 90 minutes. Additionally, a digital display keeps the user informed about trimmer status. The titanium blade prevents corrosion and rust, and provides a precise trim, even in hard-to reach areas. The device can be used for both wet and dry shaving and can be charged with any USB adaptor, even your laptop.

The author is a trainer and image consultant in style and grooming.

From HT Brunch, September 26, 2021

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