Men’s style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: The A to Z of men’s grooming

The lead look is decoded:

Hair: Medium-long with a naturally curly and wavy texture.

Brows: Thick, bushy brows with a cut on one side.

Face: Clean shaven with a midday stubble.

Lips: Full, thick, clean, and buffed.

Others: A deep blurred bathrobe.

Afro: A frizzy hairstyle which defines curly or straight hair. It can be worn with or without a faded side effect. Ideal for men with medium-length hair.

Acne: Acne of the back. It is quite common in teens and adults who experience occasional breakouts below the shoulder blades and on the back. This is the same treatment as for facial acne.

Cream: A cream is a liquid, semi-solid, or thick cosmetic emulsion that is intended to care for your skin. This is used to provide moisture and hydration. You can use either an oil base or a water base.

Dermatologist: A specialist in treating skin, hair, scalp, or nail problems. Before self-medicating if you have skin issues, consult a dermatologist.

Exfoliation: This is the process of removing the dead cells layer from your skin’s surface. Use body scrubs and loofahs to exfoliate. You should only exfoliate if your skin is dry and free of blemishes.

Foam: Foam is available in many forms. Apply hair mousse to your hair after you have shaved. You can also find it in beer.

Grain: The natural direction in which your bristle or beard grows is called the grain. Avoid shave in the grain direction or against hair growth. Most men have areas that the grain is either downward or upward.

Hydration: Hydration refers to the process of hydrating a body with water or other fluids. Your sweat and mouth will not smell foul if you are well hydrated. Your skin will feel smoother and less wrinkled if it is well hydrated.

Ingrown hair: A hair strand that is not able to successfully emerge from the hair-follicle (normally on the head or body) tends be incarnated in your skin. This can cause inflammation, red blisters, itching, and even pimples.

Jelly is not what you eat. It’s a slang term that describes lubricants we use on our bodies to make sex more comfortable, and to prevent erosion. You can choose from many different types. Before you use, be sure to check for allergies and the expiry date.

Keratin is a type of protein that is responsible for your hair, skin and nails. It strengthens hair to prevent frizz, heat damage, and breakage. Side effects can occur with keratin straightening. These salon treatments promise silky-smooth hair.

Length: This is the measurement of the length of the hair on your head. You can have a short, medium or long beard. It will determine the style you choose and how long it can last. Shorter hair requires more care, while longer hair may need more. ‘wash and wear’.

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Manscaping is the art of shaving your body using effective medical treatments or game-changing products. Manscaping can be done in many ways.

Nose trails: Overhanging nose hair! A man’s nose trail is a dealbreaker. It all begins with the unsightly jungle growing from the nostrils. It must be kept under control and trimmed frequently.

Olive: Not the oil or the fruit. It is a term that describes beautiful skin tones, usually found in Mediterranean countries and coastal regions. A pale complexion that is healthy, sensitive, and even tanned. This is the most desirable skin tone.

Perfume is a fragrance that uses different scents and solvents. You can use fragrances in your own products, as well as in aftershaves and moustache waxes, soaps, and deodorants. Unless they are specifically formulated to be fragrance-free, almost all grooming products contain perfume.

Quiff: A hairstyle similar to the Pompadour, but with more options and a wider range of styles, quiffs can be used. There are many options: Textured quiffs and faux hawks, long quiffs that have tapered sides and high quiffs that have a low fade, as well as high quiffs with a low cut.

Razors are your go-to tool to remove unwanted hairs from your head, neck, and elsewhere. There are many types of razors available. Each has its pros and cons. You have the option of a straight razor or safety single or two-edged razor, an electric razor or disposable razor.

Serum: The new trend in skincare is serums ‘go to’Hair and skin products! You can enhance your natural texture and shine depending on which serum you use. A skin serum is a product that nourishes, hydrates or softens the skin, on the body or face.

Tame is a term that describes managing or controlling frizzy hair. It can also refer to long hair, unruly hair, uneven hair lengths, and unruly hair. This is often done by combing, brushing or adding styling products (including serums), to your hair.

Undercut: This trendy look has distinct sides. The undercut, unlike the fade, is cut high on your head and all in one length. If you prefer the high trim blended without any lines, your hairdresser may offer an undercut fade.

Van Dyke: The Van Dyke moustache is a combination of a moustache, and a goatee. Anthony van Dyke, a well-known painter, gave the name Van Dyke. It is characterized by a small moustache and a goatee. Van Dyke must be defined by the goatee. It should follow your chin.

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Whiteheads: These are a common problem that can build up in the pores of your skin and can be infected with bacteria. Whiteheads can be controlled by using a toner on your face every day or using a mask on a weekly basis to reduce their accumulation.

XL is a common abbreviation to describe what can be considered the target size or desired size of your manhood. The debate is ignited ‘if size matters’. Can make men feel good about the things they were born with.

Yellow: A skin tone that is characteristic of certain types Asian skin. It can sound derogatory sometimes, but it is used frequently to describe a skin color found in Japan and China, Vietnam, and other parts of the far east.

Zort: Zorts can be described as larger than normal blemishes, zits, or breakouts with whiteheads. These may become pulsating. These are usually found in the back or on the skin. These must be treated or prevented as soon as possible!

Here are my 7 favorite grooming products:

1. Purifying freshness solid shampoo bar by L’Occitane

Hair feels fresh and clean longer.

This solid shampoo is effective in reducing excess sebum and can be used on both normal and oily hair. Your hair feels light and clean longer. It contains natural essential oils of Thyme and Grapefruit, Mint, Lavender and Green clay. It smells great, lasts long (if placed in a dry place), and is light enough to be carried in your vanity bag.

2.The Moringa Hair Care Range available at The Body Shop

The shampoo is formulated for dull and lifeless hair and leaves it looking more radiant and felling light
This shampoo is designed for dull, lifeless hair. It leaves it looking radiant and lighter.

Moringa is the new favorite superfood. It has both internal benefits and external ones. The shampoo is made for dull and lifeless hair. It makes it look more radiant and luminous. The conditioner repairs and strengthens hair. A few sprays of the hair mist instantly make hair shinier and form an anti-pollution protective coating.

3. The Vedix Ayurvedic skin care line

The toner which contains rose and cucumber, removes surface oil, dirt and grime
The toner, which contains roses and cucumber, removes dirt and oil from the surface.

This three-step skin regimen will make your skin look as good as it feels. The antimicrobial and naturally moisturizing face oil is designed for pigmented skin. It helps lighten dark spots, pigmentation, scars, and acne scars. The cucumber and rose toner removes oil, dirt, and grime. The clay mask has deep pores cleaning benefits and can repair sunburns.

4.Pure 28 multi-corrective face oil by Sakina

The oil adds vitamin A,E,B & C to your skin
The oil contains vitamin A,E and B & C.

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This face oil absorbs quickly into the skin and contains 28 nutrients that will help you achieve a healthy glow. Vitamin A,E,B, and C are added to your skin. It has healing and moisturizing properties. It is suitable for all skin types, including dry or dull skin. Apply to clean skin just before bedtime.

5.Goji Berry Face Mask by Navah

Use the face mask once a week for best results
For best results, use the face mask only once a week

This Goji Berry face mask will help you remove skin impurities, promote hydration, protect against premature signs of aging, increase collagen production, and stimulate skin cell regeneration. Use once weekly.

6.Beard conditioning kit by Thrive Co

The foaming face wash cleanses dirt and grime while softening the beard hair
The foaming facial wash is gentle on the skin and softens the beard hair.

These products are essential if you love facial hair. The foaming facial wash removes dirt and grime, while softening beard hair. The beard growth cream reduces patchiness, improves density, and ensures even hair coverage. The beard love serum strengthens the beard and moisturizes it, leaving behind a healthy sheen.

7.Discovery Set of Fragrances by Maison De Fouzdar

Each vial is a different variant, which allows you to experiment with them based on your mood, occasion, and time of day
Each vial comes in a different version, which allows you the freedom to experiment with them depending on your mood, occasion, or time of day.

These unisex fragrances have a strong Middle Eastern influence (some oils are sourced there while others are from France), and have notes that have a global impact. Each vial contains a different version, so you can experiment with them depending on your mood, time of day, and occasion. Each one smells delicious and is long-lasting.

The grooming accessory you should use:

The Leather Story has the leather vanity case

This zippered vanity case is both functional and practical and allows you to carry all your grooming essentials with you
This zippered vanity pouch is practical and functional. You can carry all your grooming necessities with you.

This is the best vanity bag a man could own. This zippered vanity bag is made from luxurious, soft and luxurious leather. It’s both practical and functional, and can be used to transport all your grooming necessities. Available in a range of masculine colours. Durable and long lasting.

A wellness program must include:

Morning Owl’s latex pillow

A pillow is key in ensuring you get the best sleep
A pillow is crucial to ensure you get the best possible sleep

Good sleep is crucial for good health. A pillow is essential for getting good sleep. This pillow is made of solid latex and offers the right balance of support and springiness. The pillow is resistant to dust mites and maintains a constant air flow, which helps keep your head cool.

The author is a stylist, trainer, and image consultant.

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