Men’s style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Style 2022

Decoding the lead look

Hair: Medium length, styled to have a sideways swept wave.

Brows: Trimmed and shaped to look sharp and defined.

Face: Clean shaved, the years strongest grooming trend.

Lips: Thin lips, clean and matt.

Others: Dark blue leather jacket.

The eight key trends

1.Sports active

The years strongest look. Be seen in casual clothing with a sporty edge or make sportswear your casual daywear. Wear track pants, sports jackets, sneakers, lounge pants and fitted muscle tops.

2.Urban Bad Boys

Leather is strong and here to stay. On jackets or bags, and even skin-tight pants. The return of body-hugging jeans that feel like second skin. Also belts with large buckles, ear studs and tattoos! Another revival of the early 80’s.


Recycle and reuse continues to remain the year’s biggest fashion brief. Mix and match to make each look appear different. Switch to products made from sustainable materials and support brands that follow ethical practices. For footwear, accessories, and leisurewear.

4.Artistic and creative

Being creative does not mean being offbeat and unconventional. Experiment with unusual details: mandarin or Nehru collars, wrap around silhouettes, especially for, but not restricted to home and loungewear. Also, for evening and occasional wear.

5.Work smart

Shirts with short collars, contrasting buttons and cuffs, white shirts in varying shapes and forms, the less of jackets but more of vests and cardigans. Straight slim fit pants and laced round tip formal shoes. Thankfully, the end of pointed footwear.

6. Accessorise right: The wrist, hands and feet are the focus area. Bracelets, cufflinks and a strong focus on footwear and shoes with a sporty or semi formal edge. Also, ankle length (or higher) leather boots for partywear!

7. Get wired: Multi-functional gadgets, especially smart watches, and trimmers. A focus on lifestyle products with futuristic sleek designs. White and silver over black.

8. Lifestyle: Upgrading your personal space with design elements will become significant. Desk accessories, gadgets to clean, purify and workout will be used in abundance. Urban mobility will be all about going electric. Gadgets will become more tech based and design oriented than ever before.

Colours of the year


Blue is the years ‘go to’ colour. Think shades of Navy, Aqua, Midnight Blue, Krishna Blue, and Very Peri (a new shade of blue with a violet and red undertone as defined by Pantone).

Navy: Sportswear and athleisurewear.

Aqua: Casual wear

Midnight Blue: Suits

Krishna Blue: Leisure and daywear

Very Peri: Office shirts, winter accessories and on some amount of beachwear.

Blue can be worn on casual wear, leisure wear and even formal and work wear. From jeans to sharp business suits, you can use the colour in a variety of tones and intensities.

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The blue dress shirt is by far one of the most dependable items hanging in our wardrobe, capable of getting you through mind-numbing Monday meetings or business socials in the evening.

A deep blue suit is important in your wardrobe, and this can be in varying hues. It can be worn just as easily to the office as it can, for a formal night out.

Colour overview

Palette: Cold

Wear it with: White, yellow, orange, and other shades of blue.

Metallic match: Silver

Shades and hues: Pastel to Navy

Skin tone: Pale to Dusky

Five golden rules of how to wear blue

1. Lighter shades on top and darker ones on the bottom.

2. If you are pale, you may wear lighter or darker tones.

3. If you are dusky, you should stick to wearing darker tones.

4. Shade variations of blue look good when worn together.

5. Always pair your blue clothes with black accessories.

Other colours

Black continues to dominate. Especially on traditional and ethnic clothing, evening, and formal wear. Black with black is the only combination to make. This year, white will fade into temporary oblivion (except on shirts). Meanwhile, grey will continue to be worn and seen.

The years metallic is Silver, which works well with both blue and black. Think zippers, jewellery, accessories, fastenings, reflective strips, and watches.

Neon on sports shoes, red & blue for casual footwear and black or blue on bags and other accessories.

Five garments of the year


The high-quality hoodies from Guess come in multiple colour variants and are versatile for many casual looks

Not just on streetwear but also casual clothing. Hip Hop is a strong influence for both boys and young men.

I recommend: The ultra-soft and very comfortable hoodies from Guess.

2.Bomber jackets

The racing inspired jacket from Puma allows for ample movement and keeps you protected on cold or windy days

For boys and even men in their 30’s and late 40’s.

Wear them with fitted jeans over fitted full sleeve tops.

I recommend: The very sexy puffed bomber jackets from Puma.

3.Kurta pyjamas

The breathable cotton linen kurta comes with a pair of smart fitted pants from Jaypore

A structured silhouette over the comfort fit. Dark colours over light.

Think beyond white and experiment with colours, patterns and embellishments based on the time, occasion, and season.

I recommend: The fitted range from Jaypore. They can be worn from day to evening.

4.White shirts

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The range of white shirts from Shirt Theory are made with premium cotton and have an excellent fit

This year you will need at least one classic, well-tailored and fitted dressy white shirt – which you can wear under a jacket or even on its own.

A good white shirt is a must have for every man and often speaks for you, even before you do.

I recommend: The well-cut semi formal short collar and wrap around white shirts from Shirt Theory.

5.Night suits

The night suits from Dusk are the perfect sleepwear for cosy nights, and laidback mornings

Wearing night suits will keep you comfortable, light, and airy through the year, and yes they are back and here to stay.

Based on the fabric they are made of; they will keep you snug and cosy in winter just as they will keep you cool and ventilated in summer.

I recommend: The night suits from Dusk. They are made with viscose satin and feel sensual against the body. The multi pockets make them extremely functional.

The details


The more you see them, the better. On everything from jackets to bags and even cardigans and sweaters.


The scarves from Niiya have a rustic feel to them and are available in intricate patterns and colour variants

Drape them as you like and make them your prominent accessory. Over (or partly under) jackets, coats and even shirts cardigans and sweaters.

Scarves are slowly but surely, transforming to luxury accessories. Pick one that is made with rich materials and ideally in earthy or deep and dark colour tones.

I recommend: The stunning and aesthetic range of scarves by Niiya.


The working man’s bag from Brown Bear has a classic look and feel

Nothing better than a practical, roomy, and compact shoulder bag for all your man essentials.

Pick black over brown and compact over bulky.

I recommend: The functional multi pocket and very high-quality leather bags from Brown Bear.

Dress the wrist

The wrist is the focus area this year.


The smart cufflinks from Jayore are studded with semi-precious stones

Square over round, large over small and jewelled over plain.

Dress your work or evening wear shirt with cufflinks and let them make their own style statement.

I recommend: The beautiful and eye-catching hand-crafted blue silver cufflinks with Labradorite from Jaypore.


The sustainable and vegan men’s bracelets from Foret stand apart

Wear wristbands that grab attention. Subtle details over styles that are bold and in your face.

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Choose a size that rests securely on the wrist and does not slip over your hands.

I recommend: The beautifully crafted, handmade, and sustainable range of bracelets made in natural cork by Foret.

Smart watches

The rage of Fit Bit watches is ideal for urban men who have an active lifestyle (credit)

Like our phones they have become a must have to monitor our activity, health, and rest patterns.

Choose a watch that comes loaded with features for your health, wellness and helps you keep up with your fitness goals.

I recommend: The sleek and multi-functional range of ultra tech watches from Fit Bit.



The running shoes from Asics are constructed with comfort and breathability in mind

Think colour and comfort. Bright hues on styles that provide the right support and are breathable.

Pick a pair that is durable and a colour that contrasts, not matches with the dominant palette of your sports or casual wear.

I recommend: The Gel Nimbus running shoes from Asics. They look great and feel even better.


The sustainable and recycled footwear from GreenSole has a zero-carbon footprint

Casual shoes offer a refreshing alternative to more formal footwear. When the rest of our shoe collection feels stale and serious, casual shoes, with their easy-going vibe, are a welcome relief.

The year will see an assortment of materials: from the more regular canvas or cloth to denim and even recycled plastic.

I recommend: The sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly range from GreenSole.

Semi formal

The fine leather finish of shoes from Joe Shu allows you to dress up a casual look or dress down a nice suit

Semi formal shoes for men are like the footwear equivalent of an ‘out-of-office email’. They signal that work is out and playtime has arrived.

Experiment with colours, textures, and designs. Mix and match your shoes with your clothes to make them look different.

I recommend: The eye catching red and white, casual laced sneakers from Joe Shu.

The author is an image, style, grooming and etiquette consultant and trainer.

From HT Brunch, January 2, 2022

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