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The lead look can be decoded

Hair: The model is a heart-shaped woman, so we flattened her hair on the sides andHe was given an elevated puff at his centre andTop to add length to his facial hair andHis height is proportional to his body frame. We used Redensyl & Anagain Hair Growth Serum byPilgrim to strengthen your hair andThe Amla hair powder byKhadi Natural to increase hair quality

Brows: Thick and bushy andAll natural

Face: Beautiful, even-toned dusky skin that has been sun kissed. This is a four-day-old stubble that has been trimmed to improve its shape. andAllow the skin to breathe during the current season of high humidity.

Lips: Thin lips. Lips: Thin lips.

Keep a track on hairstyling trends, but don’t blindly follow them. Some styles are not right for every face type.

Your hairstyle is a reflection of who you are and what you want to become. A hairstyle that emphasizes your natural beauty is the best. andHighlights your natural features andFace shape

Hair cuts

Ideally a haircut should be done about twice a month – this ensures that it looks neat andKeeps the style looking great.

Check your sideburns andExcessive hair growth at the back and neck andOver andAll around the ears. Trim any extra growth. andWhen it is necessary.

You can cut your hair in one length but always style it in different ways – the cut you opt for should allow you to be flexible andYou will have many styling options.

Face shapes & hairstyles


You’re working with a strong jawline, which should be highlighted. I recommend an undercut to highlight your unique features. Your face shape is flexible and can handle a significant amount of hair, don’t be afraid to experiment with various lengths andStyles

I recommend styling your hair in volume. Instead of focusing on fullness, you should create volume. andYou can add as many products as you like. Quiffs work well, no matter how you style them. A combed stye can be used with strong side parts to enhance your features.


It is important to not make your face look longer. The trick is to ensure that your face doesn’t look longer than it already appears. Avoid pompadours. You will need to choose a more balanced hairstyle that doesn’t make too much distinction between the sides. andThe top of your head.

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A side parting is a good idea andYou can add some dimension to shorter hair lengths. You can also go for a sleek man bun, or a slicked down hairstyle. These will balance your face. Remember that your hair should be neatly styled. Don’t add too much volume to your hair. Remember to stick to lightweight styling products that will keep your hair looking sharp all day but won’t add excessive height to your long face shape.


Round faces are naturally more rounded than square. andYour hairstyle must create dimension.

A longer, more full-length hairstyle will make your face appear longer. andThe sides are shorter. A pompadour (or quiff) will help to create more dimension. andGive your baby’s face a more prominent look. You can also give your baby a more prominent look by creating a sharper side parting. andYou will look more mature.


You should consider a side parting ‘go to’Look. HairThis will complement your facial features and can be styled to look messy or textured.

A textured or angular hairstyle will balance out your forehead and cheekbones, giving you a more balanced look. I recommend keeping hair between short and medium length. andYou should always keep your hairline (just below the forehead) neat. andMaintain good condition.


Oval faces are well proportioned andCan handle a wide variety of hairstyles andLENGTHS This face shape is the most common for hairstyles. It all comes down to how you style your hair.

There are also many options for longer lengths of experimentation and modernised cuts. A voluminous pompadour can be worn by any face shape. Oval faces look great with a short military style, spikes or sporty styles.


For a heart-shaped head, you’ll want to balance your top with your bottom part. This will ensure that your hair is proportionate to your features.

It is important to make sure your chin doesn’t appear too narrow. A textured fringe on the forehead or a dimensional quiff is a good choice. You can experiment with different fades. You should experiment with different fades.

Hairstyles for men who have thin or short hair

Shorter styles are best for thin hair. Because of its lightweight strands, a cropped cut can allow for thin hair to blend in.

Styles like buzz cuts andCrew cuts are worth considering if you have thinning hair. As long as they have minimal sides, undercuts work well. andThe back can make your top hair look more full.

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To make the centre of the table, I always recommend keeping the sides short. andtop appear fuller. This creates an optical illusion. andMakes the centre and top appear denser.

Ten grooming products to use:

The Ayurvedic men’s hair oil, serum and shampoo andShampoo byVedix stimulates and boosts hair growth.

The hair oil is a deeply penetrating formula andIt contains 14 herbs that stimulate hair development. The serum is non-greasy and maintains scalp pH balance. andEnhances hair growth and adds sheen andIt gives hair a shiny, healthy look. The anti-hair loss shampoo is gentle but effective in removing dirt and grime andExcessive oil buildup. It is suitable for all hair types.

The anti-hair fall and regrowth therapy hair serum by Kosmoderma
Anti-hair fall andRegrowth therapy hair serum byKosmoderma

This innovative serum is a powerful booster andIt moisturizes the hair. It helps to reduce hair fall and stimulate hair growth. andProtects it from pollution and environmental damage. The serum can either be applied to the scalp daily in the morning or at night.

The Misfit trimmer by BoAt is extremely useful and handy
The Misfit Trimmer byBoAt is very useful andHandy

Monsoon is the best time to trim any heavy growth from your face andBody. This trimmer is extremely economical and features skin-friendly, anticorrosion titanium coated blades that provide a smooth cutting experience. andSafe trimming experience. The battery is fast charging and long-lasting. The trimmer’s small size makes them easy to slip into your travel toilet box.

The coffee face scrub by The Bombay Shaving Company is the remedy for blackheads
The coffee face scrub byThe Bombay Shaving Company has the solution for blackheads

This scrub promises to remove unsightly blackheads and keep them away. andDry the skin on the surface. Coffee, walnut extract. andPomegranate oil, as well as olive Oil andShea butter, to soften andThe skin should be moisturized. Apply the cream to damp skin andGently exfoliate (remember to avoid the eye area). Feels creamy andSmooth on application. Repeat weekly.

The Hemp with Jojoba face and body oil from Satliva
The Hemp and Jojoba face andSatliva body oil

The Hemp and Jojoba face andSatliva body oil moisturizes andIlluminates the skin

This hemp & Jojoba body oil prevents clogged pores and dehydration andThis oil can be used to soothe and treat any skin irritations. It can be used for body pampering or after-shower oil. It is especially helpful for people with dry skin.

The Urban Rani serum by Nourish Mantra
Urban Rani serum byNourishment Mantra

Urban Rani serum by Nourish Mantra shields your skin against pollution. This light, plant-based serum helps to rejuvenate the skin andReduces fatigue and makes it feel soft and look dewy. The serum targets spots and blemishes andIt claims to make your skin look younger.

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The Amrutini Precious Potion by Love Indus revitalises the skin
The Amrutini Precious Potion byLove Indus revitalizes the skin

A soft, daily-use moisturiser that I have created for my new customers ‘go to’Brand, which combines rare natural ingredients and powerful scientific processes, such as biotransformation, to strengthen and revitalize your skin. Transforms dull andYou can make your skin look more vibrant by adding some life to it and feel both rich andKeep your skin healthy. Cleanse your face daily.

The super serum and face & neck cream by Thrive is an excellent anti-ageing solution.
The super serum andFace & neck cream byThrive is an excellent antiaging solution.

The Super Serum has a powerful ingredient. byIt is easier to absorb because it has a lower molecular mass. byThe different layers of the skin. The serum helps to combat signs of aging and makes your skin radiant. and plumper. Anti-Aging Neck & Face Cream corrects visible signs and wrinkles andLeaves your skin moisturized andSmooth. For men over thirty andIdeal use should be daily, just before bedtime.

Beard Cure, Molecule Iodine Therapy for your beard by i2
Beard Cure, Molecule Iodine Treatment for your beard byi2

Men with beards, facial hair, or stubbles now have a solution for skin rashes: an itchy beard andAcne can build up on the skin. A few drops this therapeutic, mineral oil andOil-free iodine formulation eliminates microbial load and bacteria andThis ensures a softening of the product. andA smoother beard!

The moisturising Almond range from L’Occitane
The moisturising Almond range from L’Occitane

This almond range is a must-have for those who need to soothe. and pamper your body. The shower oil moisturizes, while the skin oil leaves it feeling soft and smooth. The milk concentrate leaves the skin feeling firm and supple. All three are available. ‘in shower’ and ‘post shower’Products andThey are my top recommendation for dry skin problems. All three smell divine andNearly edible!

The author is an image, style andGrooming consultant andTrainer

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