Men’s fashion: 4 easy tips to update your style

Fashion is evergreen, and many elements of men’s fashionOver the years, it has changed! For example, men’s fashionThe slim fit is the preferred choice. There are many trends that can give you a classic look. For example, a three-piece suit for a formal event. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a slim, trim and professional look.

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Here are four men’s fashionThese are some tips to help you get into 2021 in style

1. So you know the difference between sport and dress shirts, so that you can pick the right look for your occasion

Dress shirts have a neck and sleeves measurement of 15/34/35. Sport shirts are the same size as regular shirts, S-XL. Dress shirts are longer because they are usually tucked in, whereas sport shirts are shorter and may have embellishments on the bottom. This allows you to achieve the perfect length for a untucked look.

Always wear a formal dress shirt to a formal event. You can also wear a sports shirt if the event is less formal. Your style should reflect your personality but also reflect the tone and atmosphere of the event.

2. These are the new slimmer, trimmer, and more fitted fittings!

Men can be scared to hear the words “slim fit”. However, fitted outfitsLook great on men of any age and size. The European style is very slim. The traditional slim fit is more athletic in appearance. You can try both styles to find the one that suits your body best and feels most confident.

You need to dress for your body type. This means choosing the right pieces that highlight certain features and minimize others. If you have large shoulders, look for a garment with a low profile shoulder pad or a deconstructed jacket that doesn’t have a shoulderpad. To achieve the perfect look, choose a trouser that fits your large thighs and have it tailored from knee to knee.

The length of your pants should be shorter if you have a slimmer pant.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a slimmer fitting garment, make sure it moves with your body. It’s not fun to be uncomfortable all night. It is possible to break down if you are too tight. 

3. Consider your skin tone, season, and event to choose the right colors

As a general rule of thumb, lighter-colored fabrics look better when worn on darker skin tones. . Lighter colors, such as peach or tan, can wash someone out if they have darker skin tones. People with fair skin should choose medium or dark colors.

Color palettes also depend on the season. Winter colors include browns and burgundies as well as various shades of green. Spring or summer colors, however, would be lighter and more crisp like whites, purples, and pinks.

Last but not least, choose the right color for the event. Whether you’re a guest at a wedding or you have a business function, selecting the right colors can really have a big effect. Weddings are the bride’s day so no matter how much you may want to stand out, please don’t. Keep it simple. Stick to greys, blues, and maybe a little bit of color. Blue is the best color for any business. Blue is the #1 ColorTo convey trust and responsibility 

4. If you don’t have any suits, don’t buy a sport coat to try to create a quick fix for an event.

Suits last longer than a sports coat. A suit is more durable than a sport jacket. It’s always a good idea to have a suit on hand for any personal or professional events that come up!

These guidelines are what I use for all my clients, even the Arizona Cardinals broadcast staff. These tips will help you dress to impress.

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Author: Josh Fink is the general manager and co-owner of Nick’s Menswear. Family owned and locally operated, Nick’s Menswear is the Valley’s industry leader when it comes to quality suits with the best fit, price and service around. It is their company’s mission to treat every individual as if they were family and to make them look as perfect as possible for whatever event need they have. To learn more about Nick’s Menswear please visit

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