LaMelo Ball already won NBA fashion in the new season’s first game

The first game of LaMelo Ball’s second NBA season was more proof that the Charlotte Hornets’ point guard is on his way to becoming a superstar. After winning Rookie of the Year last year, Ball debuted this season with a brilliant game, powering Charlotte’s wild comeback against the Indiana Pacers — which included a 24-0 run in the third — to earn the win, 123-122.

Ball was a powerhouse, scoring 31 points on 7-of-9 three-point shooting. The Pacers knew Ball was going to be a big star from the moment he arrived in a tennis ball-colored suit, and driving a tennis-ball-colored Lamborghini Urus.

I’d say Ball showed up to his second season looking like he’s ready to submit a series of puzzles with disastrous consequences to Batman. It was a great line by Dan Devine, The Ringer. “It’s like if Prince played Dick Tracy.”Yes. Yes.

Yes, LaMelo wore it. outfitYou can also attend the post-game conference.

We’ve been believers in Ball’s future stardom since he entered the draft. Do you think that the Warriors regret passing on Ball with the No. Do you think the Warriors are already regretting not picking him with the No. 2 overall pick? James Wiseman is not in the picture, but it would have been great to play Ball with Stephen Curry, Draymond green, and then Klay Thompson. This isn’t second guessing — we wanted it at the time!

Ball played brilliantly against the Pacers. He had nine rebounds and seven assists as well as two steals. You can see the full highlights of Ball’s performance here.

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We’re told the color of the suit and car is “bitter lemon.”We only know that LaMelo looks amazing in it.

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