I’m an elegance coach & there’s 10 style rules all women should learn to look classy – & why a white bra is a huge no-no

AN ELEGANCE coach has revealed the top ten styles rules women should learn once and for all if they want to look classy.


A professional image whizz, Anna Bey, uploaded a video sharing the top fashion and beauty faux pas and how to avoid them.


The pro shared her top tips on her YouTube channelCredit: Anna Bey

In the YouTube clip, which has gone viral, racking up more than 642,000 views, Anna revealed her top tips…

White bras

According to the guru, who lost two stone and had a £10k nose job to bag a banker, the first major mistake women make is wearing the wrong undergarments.

”Always wear nude and seamless underwear whenever you wear light-colour garments.

”Hello, we can see them.”

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The same, she noted, applies for lingerie with texture, such as lace.

”As soon as underwear becomes visible, the elegance immediately disappears.”

Wrong lipstick

Sharing her expertise, Anna noted that all women should wear lipstick that matches their skin undertone – whether it’s cool, neutral or warm.

”This is the mere basics of doing your make-up and dressing your clothes.”

This can be easily determined by having a glance at your veins – if they appear to be blue, you’re cool-toned; if they look more green – your skin has a warm undertone, and if the veins are a bit of both, you’re more likely to have a neutral undertone.

Once determined, Anna pointed out, stick to a lipstick of the exact u undertone as your skin.

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Look in the mirror

Before you leave the house, look at yourself in the mirror ”from every angle”.

”I’m talking about your clothes, your hair, your make-up, because you’re not aware about how you look from the side and from the back – and there might be something that you’re not seeing.”

Finding your signature style

We all have mornings when we’re rushing to get out of the house and don’t have enough time to put together an outfit.

But if you’ve found your signature style, such mornings or other occasions, Anna explained, will be a lot less stressful.

A personal favourite for the expert is a pair of white trousers and a colourful top.

Loose threads

”Ladies, you really need to police all of your garments for any of those loose threads that might be poking out and ruining your elegant look.”

Match patterns

When putting together the outfit of the day, Anna reminded how important it is to always coordinate the colours in the patterned garments.

If not, she warned you could end up looking like ”a clown”.

A pop of colour

If you feel like you’re looking a little plain, add a pop of colour to give the outfit a little something-something.

”Sometimes the trick is to really just add a little bit of accessories or a pop of colour.”

Take care of your shoes & bags

For Anna, wearing scuffed bags and shoes is a ”massive no-no”.

”It immediately downgrades an entire look.”

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Shop for your current size

”Shop for your current size – not for a smaller size that you think you’re going to have one day.

Rather than looking smaller in a tighter garment not your size, Anna claimed you will appear bigger.

Show off your waist

”Stop hiding your waist with oversized clothing an bulky sweaters.

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”You’re going to look bigger, bulkier and heavier than you actually are.”

Adding a belt or anything that accentuates your natural silhouette, the whizz said, will make for a more feminine and elegant look.

The colour of you underwear is vital


The colour of you underwear is vitalCredit: Anna Bey
The fit of your clothes is more important than you might think


The fit of your clothes is more important than you might thinkCredit: Anna Bey

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