IDIL VICE Fashion Opens Luxe Flagship Women’s Clothing Boutique in Oakland, California

Oakland, CA, August 11, 2022 –(– Back in 2006, IDIL VICE was one of the first clothing lines to set up an online e-commerce site ( There were only a handful of fashion companies selling exclusively through this channel. Today in 2022, every single clothing brand not only has an internet presence, but an outlet, even high-end designer houses. Always a pioneer, IDIL VICE in a similar unique move, now adds brick and mortar in-store retail to showcase her made in the U.S.A women’s clothing collections. The pandemic has up-ended a lot of retail businesses, but Idil sees a newfound need to be in direct contact with clients in the clothing business, instead of relying on e-commerce alone. The relaxed rules to keep Covid in check, have contributed to a revival of in-store shopping and it is once again considered, if not essential, an advantage to be able to touch garments to test for quality and construction and to try them on.

The IDIL VICE shop is a sprawling example of modern interior design combined with some traditional touches to complement the historic Tudor house style, which is common in this part of the Oakland Hills and it houses not only the boutique, but also the designers atelier, where she makes clothing samples and offers complimentary hemming to clients.


The boutiques inventory is carefully chosen to represent the most up to date designs of the moment, so be ready to find some inspiration to dress for the future. As always, Idil has retained her whimsical approach in women’s fashion design and accessories and wants her clients to feel at ease but give them something unique to stand out with. With the addition of the IDIL VICE boutique, Oakland is now definitely on the map for top US designer fashion.

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The shop is owned by the photographer-husband and fashion-designer-wife team (women- and black-owned) and amongst the offering you may also find fine art, portrait and celebrity photography by Oakland Native photographer Carl Posey (, which is proudly displayed on the stores high ceilings and ready to be snatched up (at direct to consumer pricing without the added Gallery fees) and hung at clients houses. Of course it is not the first time the husband and wife owners have worked together and you will find more of their exclusive collaborations in-store.

Idil also puts a spin on some clothing designs relating directly to the stores location: Glenview, Oakland Hills, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

IDIL VICE is located at:
4193 Park Boulevard
Oaklands, CA 94602

Phone (510) 882-4590

Hours of Operation:


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