How To Wear Timberland Boots: Styles and Lacing Tips for Men

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Timberland boots are the most iconic and associated with winter and fall style. It’s a question that’s up for debate, sure, but for hard-working casual style across a variety of seasons, Timberland boots, or “Timbs,”They are a classic, stylish, and timeless choice. And yet, there’s also a debate over how to wear Timberland boots. We think of the iconic brand when we think of it. “Yellow Boot,” the lace-up work boot designed to be worn in so many ways beyond just a day’s hard work.

Timberland’s signature style is a stalwart in popular culture, kind of like an even cooler version of another instantly recognizable pair of fall and winter boots (L.L. Bean’s “Bean”Boots anyone? Both belong in a well-rounded rotation, but Timberland has an effortlessly cool design that they’ve not changed all that much, other than to amp up the comfort, the sustainability, and the occasional collaboration revamp with new colors and branded detailing. For now, we’ll dive into how to wear Timbs, from lacing to styling tips and seasonal trends. There are endless options, so pay close attention: You’ll pick up more than a few go-to tricks this season.

How to Style Classic Timberland Boots

Classic Timberland Boots for Men.Timberland

The most common Timberland boots you will see in the wild is the Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boots in Wheat Nubuck. The Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boots, in Wheat Nubuck. These instantly recognisable boots can be worn in many ways. We’d say any which way you want because the sky is the limit. Some prefer to wear boots with the original lacing design right out of the box. Others prefer tight lacing to the top. The choice of how to lacing Timberlands boots is entirely up to the individual.

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Timberland boots, however, are more rugged and can be worn with dark indigo, dark black, or faded, light-wash jeans. Your jeans should be cuffed and then rolled, with a cuff that is between one and two inches. You can also use the cuff and roll technique to roll your jeans just above the boots’ padded collar or up near the top. This allows the boots to shine and does the talking. Because you’re teaming jeans with boots, opt for more casual or rugged picks up top, too, including one of the best puffer jackets when it gets cold. Consider blue jeans and a light chambray shirt. Or a long-sleeved henley, a bomber coat, and black or white denim. Keep it simple and fresh when in doubt.

How to Style Timberland Boots in Different Colors

Brown leather Timberland boots for Timberland

The thing with a style like the Premium 6-Inch Waterproof edition of Timberland’s famed boots is the variety you get with each pair. The rugged, versatile silhouette is available in many different colors and designs including black, crisp white, or brown leather. Brown leather Timberland boots can also be worn as a dress. fashion(More details on this later), even with straight leg grey chinos, or grey or navy denim.

You can add thicker layers to your top half with the work boot style’s thicker design, such as a shearling jacket or thick flannel shirt or a shawl-cardigan. Brown leather Timberlands boots can be compared to any other pair of brown leather boots. White Timberland Boots, on the contrary, are more flashy. To add some contrast, tone them down with black jeans and a simple grey cotton jacket and henley. For a pop of color, pair your black Timberland boots and toned-down grey work pants or blue denim.

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How to Style Different Types Of Timberland Boots

Timberland dress boots for men.Timberland

The 6-Inch Boot is the most recognized style from the New Hampshire-based brand. Timberland has gone all-out in recent years to deliver styles that pay homage to the classic, but in a way that’s more slimmed-down, sleek and dressy. They make unlined leather chukka boots and Chelsea boots, but it’s pairs like the Port Union Waterproof Boots that blend the best of Timberland’s heritage DNA with modern style.

These are a slimmer version of the 6-inch boot design. They feature a thinner toe, a SensorFlex outsole which literally moves and flexes with you foot, a waterproof design, and rich nubuck leather. They look great with cuffed grey wool pants, a chambray top, and an unlined navy blazer in high-low style thanks to their tan nubuck leather and thinner design. For business casual style, you can dress them even more with a tan henley wool blazer and Donegal wool trousers. This combination can be combined to great effect. Timberland dress boots, chukkas and chukkasYou can also. You get the idea? Timberland is much more than your yellow work boots.

How to Wear Timberland Boots in Fall 2021

Timberland yellow boots.Foot Locker

Timberland’s dedication to innovation and design is one reason why they have a loyal following around the world. You should definitely take it upon yourselves to wear your boots in a fashion-forward way for the upcoming season. For fall 2021, they’re all about utilizing boots mixed with other go-anywhere styles. To really show off your design, you can wear your boots with joggers or denim rolled over them.

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To make the boots stand out, choose edgier colors such as black or fall-ready hues like tobacco. Layer your top half with layers, such as a henley under a denim shirt or underneath a field coat. For added warmth, you can also add a navy beanie. A bracelet is a solid choice to complement your watch, but the Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boots (Wheat Nubuck) should be the real star of the show.

How to dress up Timberland Boots

While it might seem tough on the surface to dress up Timberland boots, it can definitely be done: It’s all about mixing and matching the pieces you’ve got in your rotation, though. Timberland boots are all for high-low style. So, think straight-leg navy chinos with a short-sleeve blue chambray shirt, a look that’s ready for the drafting table or the factory floor. If you do opt to wear Timberland boots with a suit, it’s all about keeping things easygoing. Choose a suit that is more relaxed, but still tailored, with minimal padding and soft or flecked cotton fabric.

Mix it up and follow the example of celebs: Wear an unstructured suit, a casual merino shirt, and your Timberland boots, especially if they are dark brown leather, like we mentioned earlier. Skip the suit you’d wear to the boardroom, and opt for something breathable and made with stretch fabric, especially navy to really let your footwear choice shine through. These boots can be dressed up or down in many ways.

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