How to Wear Desert Boots: Fall Styles and Outfits for Men

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There are some style essentials that we love to wear every season, especially when fall comes back to town. This allows us to dress in deeper textures and more rugged materials. Desert boots are one such example. They look great in every season, sure, but there’s something about fall that makes it a great time to really nail down how to wear desert boots. The desert boot is a modern style staple for plenty of reasons, chief among them the fact that it’s both classic and modern, easy to dress up or dress down.

It’s got an enduring history, too, starting from its origins as a literal desert boot, then fashioned with a crepe sole and worn by British soldiers, and on to its current status as a favorite of celebrities and stylish guys the world over. There are many options for desert boots, including leather and suede, but the best-known brand is Clarks. It developed its own version of the boot decades ago, after discovering a style that was worn by soldiers in Africa. There are many desert boots that look similar to Clarks. But when you can get the original (and can style it in a lot of different ways), why not make Clarks your style icon? Here are some desert boots. outfitsThese are some of our favorite fall styles.

How to wear desert boots casually this fall

Clarks desert boots for men.Clarks

Desert boots are versatile. They can be dressed up or down, casual or dressy. Clarks desert boots, especially in the classic and instantly recognisable brown leather known as Beeswax are something you can wear in many effortlessly cool ways. You can wear your desert boots casually by pairing them with classic pieces like slim blue jeans and a grey long-sleeved henley. For fall, you can add a rugged flannel top. For winter (if the ground isn’t covered with a thick layer of snow), throw on a puffer jacket. Spring and summer are best for light wash jeans with a navy pocket tee.

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The styling possibilities are endless with Clarks boots in particular, especially if you’re wearing a pair that only get better with age. Wear your desert boots casually for any fall-style activities.

How to wear Suede Desert Boots

Suede desert boots for men.Nordstrom

The best thing about desert boots is the variety of options available, including suede. Suede is harder to care for than leather, requiring frequent care and brushing or cleaning with a suede brush and eraser, so suede desert boots don’t do well in wet conditions. But suede desert boots can be worn in a variety of ways just like leather boots. We like to wear them with a mix between casual and rugged. For a weekend coffee or beer, think olive chinos, white henleys, and an indigo jacket.

The lighter sand suede can be paired with everything, from navy chinos and an Oxford shirt to burgundy trousers and an Oxford shirt to a pair of chambray shirts and a pair of chambray shirts. There’s almost no wrong way to wear them.

How to wear black desert boots

Black desert boots for men.Clarks

Black desert boots can be more difficult to style than their more common counterparts like brown leather or suede. Black desert boots should be styled in a similar manner to how you’d style your black moto or lace-up boots. A solid, wearable, and edgy style move is to match slim black or gray denim. You can also reach for faded midblue jeans to really make those boots pop. We’re of the opinion that “rock star cool”Always works, so throw on some black jeans, a grey short sleeved henley and a black denim trucker coat for a modern, sharp style.

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How to Wear Brightly Colored Desert Boots

Colorful desert boots for men.Nordstrom

Once again, we’ve mentioned the broad array of desert boots available on the market, and in plenty of different colors. Clarks’ desert boots are a popular choice because of their timeless design and the ability to add color to any outfit. That’s the case whether you go with a more rustic fall color or a vibrant color for spring and summer. So, how best to let your desert boots really shine through when you’re rocking some with bold color?

It’s simple, really. Let the boots do all the talking and you can tone down your own. outfitTo keep your boots as laid-back as possible, wear inky blue denim with a grey thermal tee. If you opt for a brighter color, tan jeans and a crisp white shirt are a good option. It is important to let the boots shine because they deserve it.

How to dress up desert boots 

How to dress up desert boots for men.Clarks

If we’ve said it once before, we’ve said it plenty of times: Versatility is truly key in your footwear rotation, and that’s particularly true if you want to find a pair of shoes you can dress up and dress down. The desert boot is a hardworking, versatile shoe that can be dressed up in either a polished suede or a well-polished and treated brown leather. Dressing up desert boots should not be too extravagant. “dressy”Your ensemble. If you’re wearing a suit, make sure it’s in a softer, rougher fabric like a cotton or cotton-linen blend, or else a thicker and fall or winter-ready, textured herringbone.

Next, go with a dress shirt that’s not exactly traditional (think of a chambray dress shirt, for instance). You can then either remove the tie or wear a casual knit tie. Clarks shoes can be worn with a suit. Wes Anderson is a prime example of this. He often wears his Clarks Wallabees along with a suit. It’s a different style, sure, but it’s close enough if you want tips on dressing up desert boots.

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