House of Gucci Fashion: Lady Gaga’s Movie Outfits

The very first images of the set of “House of Gucci”It was seen again in March fashionParade followers have been following the parade of period-appropriate, flashy couture looks. The first trailer gave a wider glimpse into the film’s deliciously over-the-top fashions, accents and drama, which covers three decades of Italy’s wealthy Gucciclan While LadyGaga, who plays PatriziaReggiani, is in the middle ofAl Pacino, Salmahayek, Jared Leto, Adam Driver and Salma Hayek all sport notable, sometimes quite startling, ensembles from 1970s through 1990s. Janty Yates is the costume design and the production has full access to the internet. GucciArchive

“House of Gucci”Based on the story ofReggiani, who was born in Northern Italy to a poor family, is now a successful businessman. Patrizia, who married Maurizio shortly after her mother was married to a businessman, followed her mother’s lead. Gucci ofDriver portrays the illustrious luxury goods family. When Patrizia divorced him from her, Patrizia hired a hitman and had him murdered in 1995. She was released after 18 years of imprisonment and was awarded millions. of dollars from her ex-husband’s estate. Reggiani is reported to be annoyed that Gaga hasn’t met with her about the role.

Directed by Ridley Scott “House of Gucci”It opens on November 24.

Here are some examples ofThese are the most prominent looks from the film that have been shown so far.

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