GQ’s most stylish men of 2022: from Timothée Chalamet to Lil Nas X

It’s no secret that we’ve just been through a period that will go down in the annals of sartorial history as the year that fashion forgot. A 12-month-long, saggy, baggy acquiescence in sweatpants, slippers, and T-shirts for 12 months. Never have we collectively been so bad-dressed and for such a long time.

The good news is that 2021 saw the return of high-octane dress from the time BC (previously Covid). Timothée Chalamet wore a sequin-encrusted Haider Ackermann Morph suit from the future at the Venice Film Festival! Lil Nas X wore three layers of Versace-branded armour to the Met Ball! Questlove wore a pair of gold Crocs to Oscars! Indeed, never before has getting dressed up and making a fuss felt or looked more fun, and it’s a mood reflected in British GQ’s hot-to-trot new list of the most stylish people on the planet.

From the superlative Savile Row suits worn by the late, great Charlie Watts to the peaking party gear propounded by the likes of A$AP Rocky and Wizkid, there’s something for everyone.

Teo van den Broeke, Style Director, GQ

40. Kodi Smit-McPhee
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Kodi SmitMcPhee Dress Human Person Suit Coat Overcoat Fashion and Sleeve
Taylor Hill

Actor (NEW ENTRY) Kodi Smit-McPhee isn’t just one of this year’s most stimulating breakthrough actors, but he’s also got us waiting with bated breath for his next red carpet style serve.

Teo van den Broeke, Style Director, British GQ: “You’ll be seeing plenty more of Smit-McPhee thanks to his star turn opposite his IRL uncle Benedict Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog, and if he continues serving such souped-up red carpet looks then I’m A-OK with that.”

39. Bretman Rock
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Evening Dress Fashion Gown Robe Human Person City Town Urban and Building
Alex Frank

Influencer (NEW ENTRY) The Filipino beauty influencer and social media sensation with more than 17 million Instagram followers and 8.5m YouTube subscribers really wants men to start wearing dresses. Not content with slaying New York Fashion Week in a series of Richard Quinn and Harris Reed looks, he took to the red carpet at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards in the Roberto Cavalli tigerprint dress that Aaliyah wore for the 2000 ceremony.

Zak Maoui, Style Editor, British GQ : “Make-up mogul Bretman has swiftly become a key player in the menswear game. Not only is he repping rising brands Peter Do and Ganni, but he’s also got a keen eye for vintage Raf Simons and Prada. Into it.”

38. Charlie Watts
Image may contain Charlie Watts Clothing Suit Coat Overcoat Apparel Human Person Blonde Kid Teen and Child
John Stoddart/Popperfoto

Musician (NEW ENTRY) Charlie Watts approached drumming for The Rolling Stones with the same precision as the craftsmen of Savile Row, where he was a regular and much-loved presence.

William Gilchrist, stylist: “Whether producing music or having a suit made, Watts was impeccable.”

37. Luke Day
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Jacket Coat Leather Jacket Human Person and Hat
Morelli Brothers

Editor, GQ Style (LAST YEAR No25) Whether it’s as a disco leather daddy, Sailor Jerry or Midnight Cowboy, Luke Day embraces and celebrates the full spectrum of male sexuality. He’s also the secret sauce behind some of the most memorable GQ images of the past year, working with everyone from Lil Nas X to Paul Mescal.

Katie Grand, stylist and creative director: “SEX.”

36. Daniel Kaluuya
Image may contain Clothing Suit Overcoat Apparel Coat Daniel Kaluuya Human Person and Tuxedo
Alexander McQueen

Actor (NEW ENTRY) Daniel Kaluuya single-handedly made the case for black-tie pyjamas during this year’s SAG Awards. He accepted the gong for his portrayal of Black Panther Fred Hampton in Judas And The Black Messiah from his couch while dressed in a purple gown and silk pyjama set by Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton. The ensemble would have looked just as regal on the red carpet.

Daniel Fletcher, designer: “Daniel never looks like he’s tried too hard. He’s always smart, but his style feels effortless. He knows how to choose a good suit, too, and once you’ve got that down the rest is easy.”

35. David Gandy
Image may contain Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Human Person Clothing Apparel and David Gandy

Model (LAST YEAR No34) It doesn’t matter if he’s dressed up in Italian stallion tailoring or keeping it simple in a pair of tighty-whities for his Marks & Spencer underwear line, the Essex Adonis gets better and better with each passing year. More than a pretty face (and body), he’s now also a successful businessman and philanthropist too.

Luke Sweeney, designer: “Gandy gets better looking and better dressed with age. He’s a brilliant ambassador for British menswear and looks as good in a fitted T-shirt as he does a Thom Sweeney tuxedo. I hate him.”

34. Riz Ahmed
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Riz Ahmed Human Person Sleeve and Long Sleeve
Saint Laurent

Actor and musician (NEW ENTRY) Riz Ahmed confidently mixes modern sportswear with classically tailored elements in a way that feels modern and understated. A black suit from Prada with a matching black jumper for the red carpet for the 2021 Oscars was a masterclass in the power of keeping things simple.

Mark Weston, creative director, Dunhill: “Ahmed’s style is defined by an easeful duality of elegance and modern masculinity. Whether casually dressed or on the red carpet, his refined aesthetic combines savvy colour coordination with impeccable fit, reinforcing his status as a sartorial tastemaker.”

33. HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh
Image may contain Human Person Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Tire Clothing Apparel Wheel Machine and Tie
Tim Graham

Royal (NEW ENTRY) In 2022, dressing like a superannuated toff is somewhat problematic – just look at Farage, Rees-Mogg et al. And yet it’s amazing how so much of the gravitational pull of men’s fashion continues to revolve around ideas of the “British gentleman”. Prince Philip, with his low-key sex appeal and military background, could pull off brass-buttoned blazers, conservatively cut double-breasted suits and flamboyant ceremonial garb in a way that looked distinguished, as opposed to jingoistic.

Peter York, social commentator: “Even as a Greek prince, he mastered that upper-class English thing of being very conscious of what he wore but affecting not to be.”

32. Rami Malek
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Sleeve Long Sleeve Footwear Shoe Rami Malek Human and Person
Kurt Iswarienko

Actor (LAST YEAR No28) Malek brings a gothic edge to eveningwear, which is perfect for a Bond villain. His trademark lean-and-mean dark tailoring is usually offset with a bold print or a shimmering silk shirt, teamed with a pair of heeled boots, to create a Dracula-visits-Studio-54 vibe.

Adam Baidawi, Deputy Global Editorial Director, GQ: “Malek is one of the most stylish people on the planet because he gets the dual power of a flattering silhouette and killer grooming. He’s harnessed those two pillars to build a personal look that’s neither uniform nor costume, but that great, vibey place in between.”

31. Orlando Bloom
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Shirt Human Person Dress Shirt Suit Coat Overcoat and Orlando Bloom
Julien M. Hekimian

Actor (NEW ENTRY) It’s not easy to find a man who looks good in a three-piece suit, Spandex biker gear, grail-worthy trainers and absolutely nothing on a paddle board. Meanwhile, his après-ski outfit of cowboy hats and a poncho in Aspen reveal a gift for the absurd.

Derek Blasberg, journalist: “The secret to Bloom’s style is that he’s having fun with it. He loves to dress up – or dress down, apparently – and that spirit is infectious.”

30. BTS
Image may contain Stage Human Person Crowd Musical Instrument Musician Jungkook Music Band Concert and Xiaojun

Musicians (NEW ENTRY) The Korean boy band behemoth BTS and their highly vocal online fan base, the ARMY, have helped put Korean pop culture and fashion on the map. With a little help from Dior’s Kim Jones, the band – made up of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, V, Jimin and Jung Kook – have taken tailoring and streetwear in a futuristic new direction. Their weapons of choice? Next-level layering, futuristic accessories and experimental cuts.

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Kim Jones, designer: “I love BTS, as they are super into fashion and everyone I know is kind of crazy about them!”

29. Liu Haoran
Image may contain Clothing Suit Overcoat Apparel Coat Liu Haoran Human Person Tuxedo Shoe and Footwear

Actor and musician (NEW ENTRY) Liu Haoran, AKA Turbo Liu, is China’s answer to Timothée Chalamet and the star of smash-hit Chinese movies such as Beijing Love Story. His boy-next-door appeal means his army of fans on China’s Weibo social network go wild every time he debuts a fresh new Louis Vuitton or Burberry outfit.

Angelo Mitakos, Fashion Editor, British GQ: “Whether the lead in a film, releasing music or acting in the theatre, Liu Haoran’s diverse talent is multifaceted and the same can be said of his style. Liu is known for his love of oversized ’fits, baggy silhouettes and attention to detail; expect to see him wearing anything from a Louis Vuitton runway look to a simple denim shirt.”

28. Wizkid
Image may contain Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Dance Pose Leisure Activities Human Person Adventure and Clothing
Prince Gyasi

Musician (NEW ENTRY) An appearance in GQ in a head-to-toe Issey Miyake Homme Plissé flex was a wonderfully offbeat swerve from the Afrobeats star.

Teo van den Broeke, Style Director, GQ: “With his penchant for colour, clashing pattern and no fear when it comes to taking risks, Wizkid is one to watch.”

27. J Balvin
Image may contain Clothing Apparel J Balvin Suit Coat Overcoat Sleeve Human Person Long Sleeve Jacket and Blazer
Viviana Garcia

Musician (NEW ENTRY) The king of the chart-busting reggaeton collab, J Balvin is as famous for his bold fashions and rainbow-coloured hair as his killer hooks. He is part of a new generation of Colombian megastars who are shaping global pop culture and, in the process, proudly demonstrating the sensuality, flair and drama of Latino art, music and fashion.

Davide Perella, designer: “What I mostly like about J Balvin’s style is that, as in his music, he always adds a pop touch to his outfits without being afraid to play with colours and new shapes. For me, it was an honour to see my creations worn by him and his music keeps inspiring my work.”

26. Robert Pattinson
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Face Suit Coat Overcoat and Robert Pattinson
David Sims

Actor (LAST YEAR No6) The former Twilight heart-throb has matured and now carries himself with the assured charisma of a Hollywood auteur. His friendship with Dior’s Kim Jones means he can combine classic tailored pieces with finely wrought feminine couture elements, such as sheer silk blouses and lace, in a way that looks doable, rather than outré.

Kim Jones: “Robert is like family to me. He’s so talented and has remained really true to himself. I love Rob’s style because he is always looking at new things. He has a very good eye and is one of the funniest and nicest people I know.”

25. Seth Rogen
Image may contain Suit Coat Clothing Overcoat Apparel Seth Rogen Human Person and Tuxedo
Rich Fury

Actor (NEW ENTRY) Hollywood’s favourite teddy bear has proven himself a bit of a dark horse in the style stakes in recent years, with turns in Palace windcheaters, dusty-pink Paul Smith suits and, most recently, a caramel-hued Brioni number complete with foamy silk pussy-bow shirt, no less. Pineapple Express Seth Rogen would be turning in his hot box.

Norbert Stumpfl, designer: “Seth is looking outstanding! His personality shines. Traditional craft and fearlessness all in one outfit and what a result.”

24. Jaden Smith
Image may contain Jaden Smith Human Person Bag Clothing Apparel Handbag Accessories and Accessory
Louis Vuitton

Actor and musician (LAST YEAR No22) Not only is the 23-year-old progeny of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith bothersomely handsome, but he’s also one of the best-dressed people across the pond. Whether he’s wearing a kilt for a Louis Vuitton ad campaign or selling his own sustainable wares by way of his label, MSFTSrep, the boundary-breaking young style king has the world at his feet.

Jaden Smith: “I really want to promote people being themselves. I really want people to know that it’s OK to be themselves.”

23. David Beckham
Image may contain Tie Accessories Accessory Clothing Apparel Jacket Coat Blazer David Beckham Sunglasses and Human
Karwai Tang

Entrepreneur (LAST YEAR No7) A huge part of the magic of “Brand Beckham”, despite his fortune and fame, is his everyman relatability. Whether it’s a red-carpet suit by Dior or off-duty heritage workwear, lots of men across Britain can relate to his story: the ambitious boy from Leytonstone who did really well for himself via a combination of hard graft, good looks and talent.

Daniel Kearns, designer: “Beckham is respectful of menswear codes, but also enjoys trying new things. His instinct for menswear is effortlessly expressed in his evolving style.”

22. Kingsley Ben-Adir
Image may contain Face Human Person Kingsley BenAdir and Finger
Danny Kasirye

Actor (NEW ENTRY) When you’re as quietly charismatic and distinguished as Ben-Adir, you can afford to keep it simple: a rollneck with a tailored jacket is an elegant nod to black icons past and present.

Lauren Indvik, fashion editor, the Financial Times: “Ben-Adir always looks both polished and at ease, thanks to immaculately tailored separates devoid of unfussy details and prints.”

21. Charles Jeffrey
Image may contain Banister Handrail Human Person Footwear Clothing Shoe Apparel Fashion Home Decor and Premiere
David M. Benett

Designer (NEW ENTRY) Charles Jeffrey’s Loverboy label is steeped in historical baroque and Renaissance references, but is also a reflection of London’s underground club scenes. The nightclub is to Jeffrey what the atelier might have been to a couturier of a previous generation: a laboratory in which to carry out wild, post-punk experiments in flamboyant dress-up.

Caroline Rush, CEO, The British Fashion Council: “Charles’ style is the embodiment of British fashion, encapsulating the fearlessness we are so famed for and bringing together history, the now and the future not only in his own style, but also in his brilliant collections. It is bold and brave and we all should work hard to be more like him.”

20. Omari Douglas
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Coat Overcoat Dress and Sleeve
David M. Benett

Actor (NEW ENTRY) Omari Douglas burst onto our screens in Russell T Davies’ seminal TV drama It’s A Sin as Roscoe, a sexed-up peacock with a heart of gold and the strut to match. Whether it’s a string vest and bleached jeans or a sleek suit, Douglas brings a lithe fluidity and seductive sensuality to everything he wears.

Ian Fulcher, costume designer, It’s A Sin: “Omari exudes warmth, charm and charisma, which in turn lends itself to the effortlessly sartorial way in which he wears clothes. It also helps that he could wear a bin liner and make it look a million dollars!”

19. Kanye West
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Coat Human Person and Overcoat
Kevin Mazur

Musician (NEW ENTRY) Public struggles with mental health have often detracted from the fact that Kanye West has been one of the most influential fashion designers of the past decade, helping to nurture and support talents such as Virgil Abloh and Demna Gvasalia of Vetements and Balenciaga. He tapped Gvasalia to work on the first season of Yeezy, a brand now valued at around £3 billion.

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Lauren Indvik: “Kanye West always looks the most relaxed person at a party; he made casual dressing for evening a power move. Since he began collaborating with Demna Gvasalia, his style has become more performative – it is part of his art and keeps fans and observers enthralled.”

18. Son Heung-min
Image may contain Furniture Human Person Racket Tennis Racket Son Heungmin Clothing and Apparel
Ralph Lauren

Sportsman (NEW ENTRY) Seoul is fast becoming one of the world’s fashion capitals and with men such as Son Heung-min it’s no surprise. The Tottenham Hotspur forward was recently the face of the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon campaign, dressed in jazz age tailoring. Off the court he dresses in that clean, crisp, minimal style for which South Korea is famed.

Thomas Stubbs, writer and stylist: “Son’s appearance in Ralph Lauren’s bold chalk stripe was notable. Now he’s proved himself to be adept with chalk, stripes and the like, let’s see if he can deliver on his stated keenness to follow Beckham’s path and score from the halfway line.”

17. Lakeith Stanfield
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Coat Overcoat Suit Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Human Person and Fashion

Actor (NEW ENTRY) His offbeat, laid-back charm is very much in keeping with his stoner character in the TV show Atlanta. He has a sense of style to match.

Thomas Stubbs: “Stanfield jumped the black-tie dress code bar at this year’s Oscars, romping home with the stylistic laurels in a plunging, tailored, all-in-one YSL number.”

16. Olly Alexander
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Pants Sleeve Olly Alexander Human Person and Long Sleeve
Hugo Yangüela

Musician (NEW ENTRY) As Ritchie Tozer in It’s A Sin, Olly Alexander shone as an ingénue during a tragic and formative decade in gay history. Whether it’s in a velvet cape and lace at the Brit Awards or a bright pink jumper on the cover of GQ Hype, he is the embodiment of out-and-proud fabulousness.

Harris Reed, designer: “Olly is completely pushing for gender inclusivity in the way he chooses to dress and portray himself. He is flamboyantly fabulous. He pushes the boundaries of working with young talent as well as established brands such as Gucci. He wears things that are out of the box and queerly fabulous.”

15. Gareth Southgate
Image may contain Gareth Southgate Tie Accessories Accessory Team People Team Sport Human Sport and Football
Shaun Botterill – UEFA

England men’s football manager (NEW ENTRY) The most decent and honourable man in British public life right now wears a suit in a way that is modern, approachable and stylish. If his look were a football formation, it’d be a solid 4-4-2. However, when the occasion calls for it, he demonstrates clever tactical flourishes. A navy polka-dot knitted tie or knitted polo shirt with contrast piping are a bit like when he unleashes midfield playmaker Jack Grealish onto a hapless German defence – devastating when timed right. Get in, Gareth!

Olie Arnold, style director, Mr Porter: “The suit and tie are fully alive when it comes to Southgate’s style. Traditional white pocket square and black Oxfords, coupled with tailored navy suit, navy tie and crisp white shirt, are always a winner, as was ditching the waistcoat. He is comfortable in his style, never going off-piste, and very relatable to the modern-day guy – exactly what an England manager should be.”

14. Questlove
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Footwear Shoe Fashion Home Decor and Premiere

Musician (NEW ENTRY) Questlove’s Afro pick and thick glasses are as much of a trademark as Anna Wintour’s bob-and-shades combo. This old-school hip-hop-meets-geek-chic quirkiness reached its apogee when he wore a pair of golden Crocs to the Oscars, thereby melting the internet.

Jonathan Heaf, Chief Content Officer, GQ: “Sure, Charlie Watts was the most stylish drummer of all time, but could he have pulled off gold Crocs on the Oscars red carpet? Case closed.”

13. Pierce Brosnan
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Footwear Shoe Plant and Vase
Jonny Marlow

Actor (NEW ENTRY) The former 007 retains his licence to kill, dressed in the kind of suave, sexy and slightly undone tailoring that feels totally right for now. Key to this is a high-collared shirt with top two buttons undone, accessorised with a wry smile and come-to-bed eyes.

Flora Gill, journalist: “Brosnan is a man who doesn’t just look good on a red carpet after consulting with a team of stylists; he looks dapper all day every day. He’s exactly how I imagine a retired Bond would look, with his style best described as relaxed but tailored, often opting for open-collar shirts as if he’s unwinding from a mission but is still dressed to kill.”

12. Adam Driver
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Adam Driver Furniture Chair Suit Coat Overcoat Tie Accessories and Accessory

Actor (NEW ENTRY) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Adam Driver chasing a horse on a beach and then evolving into a centaur in the new campaign for the Burberry fragrance Hero. Presumably, with that luxuriant mane of jet-black hair and ripped body, this was a role for which Driver did not have to audition too hard.

Riccardo Tisci, chief creative officer, Burberry: “For me, Driver captures the essence of modern masculinity today. He has this effortless, resonating confidence in how he carries himself and how he expresses his style, channelling that balance between strength and power with subtlety and sensuality.”

11. Justin Bieber
Image may contain Skin Tattoo Human Person Necklace Jewelry Accessories and Accessory

Musician (NEW ENTRY) Bieber’s journey from skinny-jeaned teeny-bopper to high priest of hypebeast streetwear has been marked by a talent for making fugly trendy. Whether it’s collab Crocs, brown velour tracksuits from his own brand, Drew House, or lurid head-to-toe tie-dye sweat suits and Amiri band T-shirts… whatever this guy wears, no matter how preposterous, the world Beliebs.

Donatella Versace, designer: “I have loved seeing how Justin has evolved from being this young, sweet kid to the conscious, self-reflective man he is today. Over the years, his style has influenced different generations. I like the fact that he is at ease wearing both a tracksuit and a tuxedo. He does that in a very personal way. And what is style if not another form of self-expression?”

10. The Weeknd
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Coat Overcoat Suit Human Person The Weeknd Transportation and Vehicle
Daniel Jackson

Musician (NEW ENTRY) The man responsible for everyone’s favourite song about cocaine abuse has something of the night about him. The Weeknd revels in the sleazy glamour of the 1970s and 1980s and owned Super Bowl LV dressed in a glittering red Givenchy blazer.

Teo van den Broeke: “Having recently graced the first-ever global cover of GQ, looking resplendent in razor-edged tailoring from Celine, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, there was little doubt The Weeknd – whose personal style both on and off stage melds streetwear influences with superlative suiting – would ever not make it onto our list.”

9. Daniel Craig
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Suit Coat Overcoat Human Person Sunglasses Accessories Accessory and Tie

Actor (NEW ENTRY) No other franchise mints iconic items of menswear like Bond. Just look at the Sunspel Riviera polo… So we’ll be keeping an eye on Daniel Craig’s attire with the same concern Q does his gadgets. Whatever direction it takes, it’ll be worn with Craig’s characteristic intensity and charisma.

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David Telfar, creative director, Sunspel: “In Daniel Craig’s onscreen roles and in his personal style there is a timelessness to the way he dresses. Understated but impeccably cut pieces give him a contemporary British look.”

8. Josh O’Connor
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Josh O'Connor Coat Sleeve Overcoat Human Person and Long Sleeve
Nick Thompson

Actor (LAST YEAR No27) The man who became a household name with his portrayal of Prince Charles not only looks to the manor born in softly tailored suits, but he’s also a natural when tramping around in the great outdoors wearing the psychedelic gorpcore designs of Loewe’s creative director and friend Jonathan Anderson.

Jonathan Anderson, creative director, Loewe: “Josh has a great appreciation for craft and all the details that go into making things of beauty. I think his style reflects this. As a Loewe brand ambassador, he’s always fun to work with and explore craft together in different ways.”

7. Maluma
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Maluma Fashion Crowd Suit Coat and Overcoat
Mike Coppola

Musician (LAST YEAR No8) Maluma’s Casablanca silk shirts glide over his Adonis-like body as effortlessly as his sultry croon does over reggaeton pop rhythms. Clearly taken with the Colombian’s suave charisma, Madonna saw fit to lick his toes in the video for the smash hit “Medellín” and who can blame her? Whether he’s in Dior or Saint Laurent, he transforms every outfit he wears with Latin sensuality, drama and flair.

Donatella Versace: “Maluma is one of the sexiest, funniest, most charismatic and sweetest men I have been so lucky to meet in recent years. His personality is mesmerising, the way he laughs is contagious and, let’s be honest, with that body you can wear whatever you want.”

6. Tyler, The Creator
Image may contain Clothing Shorts Apparel Tyler The Creator Shoe Footwear Human and Person
Amy Sussman

Musician (LAST YEAR No5) Tyler, The Creator made his name with an irreverent spin on post-punk skate style powered mainly by Supreme. Today, the name of his label, Golf Wang, says it all. His offbeat takes on preppy classics – cardigans, chinos, polo shirts in lurid colours and bold prints offset with unusual accessories such as his trademark ushanka hat – look as cool on an LA skate park as they would on a Florida golf course.

Luke Day: “I love Tyler, The Creator’s music and his preppy-infused style. He’s an enigma who always surprises with his choices.”

5. Harry Styles
Image may contain Stage Human Person Crowd Clothing Apparel Performer Harry Styles and Lighting
Kevin Winter

Musician (LAST YEAR No1) Doubling down on Harris Reed with a sharply cut suit combined with a duchesse satin ball skirt for a Vogue cover shoot shows how far Harry Styles has progressed in his style evolution. The ability to take risks with emerging talent such as Reed, as well as recent graduate Steven Stokey-Daley, is what sets a true innovator apart from mere clotheshorse.

Jonathan Heaf: “A joyful, humble showman, Harry’s style continues to blossom as he becomes even more sure of his own aesthetic universe. Whereas once he followed trends set by more established designers, he now seeks out and listens to his own instincts, lifting up new fashion talent as he goes. It’s Harry’s world; we just gawp at it in wonder.”

4. Frank Ocean
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Frank Ocean Helmet Human Person Crowd Suit Overcoat and Coat
Sean Zanni

Musician (LAST YEAR No14) A queer cult figure who is as handsome as he is understated, Frank Ocean nevertheless has an uncanny knack for memorable fashion moments. There’s a penchant for Prada, especially the minimalist sportswear pieces he’ll casually wear to the Met Gala – a low-key swerve that upstages every try-hard in attendance. He did it in 2019 and revived it in 2021, but this time accessorised with a neon-green animatronic puppet that was wearing an outfit from his new luxury brand, Homer. The lesson? Normcore, yes – but make it weird.

Jonathan Heaf: “Sometimes good style isn’t about bells and whistles; it’s about living as one intends to – honestly. Frank Ocean’s style is his forever mood: smart, devoid of trivia and the soft architecture around his continued pursuit of ‘What’s next?’ Frank’s style is the now… and the future.”

3. Skepta
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Skepta Suit Coat Overcoat Human Person Path and Walkway
Getty Images

Musician (LAST YEAR No18) Skepta has taken the “road man” fashions of his Tottenham hometown, which to this day stubbornly refuses to be gentrified, to a global audience. Whether he’s in a black-on-black Nike tracksuit (his own collab, natch) or a double-breasted suit in a recent Bottega Veneta campaign, he shows that London remains as influential in this thing we call “streetwear” as any city in the world.

Luke Day: “Skepta is super sexy and has a completely unique style. I loved him in the navy Burberry overcoat and brooch he wore to the GQ Men Of The Year Awards a few years ago and he’s continued pushing boundaries ever since.”

2. Timothée Chalamet
Image may contain Clothing Sleeve Apparel Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Long Sleeve Sweater and Timothe Chalamet
Jacopo Raule

Actor (LAST YEAR N04 ) Timothée Chalamet’s red-carpet styling stunts, devised mainly in conjunction with the designer Haider Ackermann, have totally disrupted the staid concept of what was once known as “eveningwear”. He collaborates with other designers. A gold-silver lamé Tom Ford suit at the Cannes Film Festival showed us that Chalamet is in fact an androgynous nymph who has fallen to Earth to teach us how to fast-forward tailoring into the future and beyond.

Haider Ackermann, designer: “Timothée explained to me what Dune was about and I proposed this look. I like to understand the main lines of his character before my mind wanders into ideas. For such a young man to carry such a big movie, I wanted a strictness and a certain noble attitude. That’s what I wanted to give him, to make him stand straight. I hope we succeeded. It’s a dialogue when I dress Timothée – not many words are needed We understand one another like old souls; people with the same sensibilities always find one another.

1. Lil Nas X
Image may contain Human and Person
John Shearer

Musician (NEW ENTRY) As one of the only openly gay rappers in hip-hop, the one-man meme machine that is Lil Nas X has not so much stepped out of the closet as blown it to smithereens. The fact he made his name with the country and western trap song “Old Town Road” during the moronic inferno of the Trump era makes him a once-in-a-generation talent whose time has come. Take Prince and Dolly Parton, and add a little Rick James. Mix the boldest, most outrageous custom looks from Versace to create the most colorful peacock pop music has seen since Elton John.

Donatella Versace: “I think Lil Nas X really epitomises the idea of expressing yourself through style. I love his ability to break down boundaries with his music and style choices. He is bold and doesn’t shy away from trying to please everyone. In today’s society that takes courage and a vision. Go big or go home!

British GQ has changed the 2022 Most Stylish List due to recent events. It was featured in the December 2021/January 20,22 issue.

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