Gillian Anderson’s 90s style was as good as it gets

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One thing about us is that we are heavy simps for Gillian Anderson. No matter what side of the spectrum our sexualities fall at RUSSH, the person we can stand behind together is Gillian Anderson. A New York City girl at heart, the actress upped and moved to LA after swearing she wouldn’t in 1992, where shortly after, she landed her role as Special Agent Dana Scully on the X-Files. From Jean Milburn to an uncanny version of Margaret Thatcher, Anderson has had Big Mommy Energy since the beginning and we’re not prepared to stop falling for it. Below, we’re rounding up some of our favourite archival Anderson looks from her multifaceted style as an homage to our queen.


At the Vanity Fair Oscars Afterparty, 2001.


L.L. Bean Chic!



At the 1997 SAG awards.


Out and about in her signature sunglasses style.


At the 1997 Golden Globes.


With the purple lenses.


At the 1997 Emmy Awards.




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