‘Gentleman’ 5-year-old shows up in a suit to surprise crush with gifts and chocolates

Valentine’s Day is often described as the day for those in love, regardless of age and gender. It is when people find incredible ways to let their crush know how they feel. One such cute moment was shared by a 32-year-old mom from New York. Her 5-year-old son decided to dress up in a suit to ask out his crush on the eve of Valentine’s Day by hand-delivering his gifts and a box of chocolates. This adorable video has already garnered over 32 million views and this overload of cuteness has melted several hearts worldwide.

Shelby Small, 32, from New York, documented the heartwarming moment her son Anthony surprised his crush Lila with gifts at her front door ahead of February 14. The little boy looked adorable dressed up in a suit to deliver flowers, chocolates, and a stuffed animal to a girl in his class. “My five-year-old asking a girl in his class to be his Valentine,” she captioned the TikTok video, which has been viewed more than 32 million times since it was posted on Sunday.


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Little Anthony at his Valentine’s house three blocks away from his home (Credits: TikTok /  shelbysmall1))

In the viral TikTok video clip, little Anthony is seen donning a navy suit as he waits patiently outside his classmate Lila’s house with her gifts in his hand. “May I see Lila?” he politely asks the man who answers the door. When Lila comes to see him, he hands her a bouquet of flowers, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a rainbow stuffed animal. He then wishes his little crush, ‘A Happy Valentine’s!’. In the clip, a lady (presumably Lila’s mother) offers to hold her gifts, so Lila can give Anthony a hug to thank him before he leaves. The video has received more than 148,000 comments from fans who were touched by Anthony’s romantic gesture. “What a little gentleman,” one person gushed, while another added: ‘This was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Those parents better like each other cuz I think they’re going to be in-laws,’ someone else joked.

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Little Anthony with his mom (Credits: Facebook)

Small (Anthony’s mom) replied to some of the comments, saying she has known Lila’s parents since high school, and they live just three houses apart. “There’s some GROWN men that need to take notes from this lil guy,” one woman noted, while another commented: “It really starts with the parents… they don’t make them like this no more! Good job young man.” However, the proud mom insisted that Lila’s surprise was entirely her son’s idea. She said she told him to “pick out a nice shirt and he came up with this.”

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