Five outfits that a boss lady would never wear

A boss lady always wears confidence and attitude first, which makes her stand apart. And then she can sport and carry any outfit with poise. If you are a boss lady in the making and getting ready to take the world by storm, then you need to avoid a few things. Mitali Joshi, Lead Designer of fashion brands share five fashion pieces that won’t suit a true boss lady.

Round neck tee

T-shirts are a casual styling piece and wearing it without tucking it in would give you a very unflattering look. If you want to wear a tee or a graphic tee like a boss lady then tuck it in; style it with a pair of heels. Add a blazer to own the room you walk into!


Open Toe Flats
Open toe flats is a casual staple and suggests a careless and lazy attitude. A straight no for a boss lady! She is someone who wouldn’t even wear one on the beach. Instead she would opt for open toed heels or close toed flats.

Over the top Accessories

Overdone accessories can sometimes suggest tackiness and can be perceived floopy. A boss lady is a sign of confidence which even shines through the decisiveness of what you want to wear and what would look good. Stick to minimal but statement accessories to stand out like a gorgeous boss lady.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses lack structure and are more of a casual daywear outfit. If you like the maxi length, then opt for a structured maxi dress/skirt which is perceived to be stronger and more disciplined.

Cut-outs & ripped styling

Cut out & ripped styling has made a major comeback in the recent past and is a trend inspired from 2000s teenage fashion trends. It can be perceived to flaunt a careless attitude and hence a Big NO for the boss lady.

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