Fashion’s Fascination with the ’90s Country Club Mom


It’s a subtle, unassuming sort of luxury—think: a Cartier Tank watch with a tennis dress or a well-worn Hermès Kelly bag withA button-down shirt and simple white sneakers. She might wear a Prada loafers and a structured jacket when on duty. She’s somewhere between Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap and Hilary Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. No matter what, the presence of children—they’re probably off in swim lessons anyway—she’s a ’90sCountry club mom, fashionObsessive withShe. There are many memes, tweets, and think pieces calling for justice for Meredith Blake. Hindsight is twenty-twenty. That hat was big. Banks is still a fashionicon of looking rich and sublimating the tired tropes about wealth correlating withWhiteness

Those born after the ’90sIncludes theEmma Chamberlain, the omnipresent YouTuber, is embracing theTake a look. Before we jump to conclusions about what we should do, theRevitalization theChildren, this #richmom vibe has a timeless appeal. In fact, the ’90s country club mom’s belief that one should invest in beautiful, well-made pieces and wear them again and again, allowing them to develop a beautiful patina, is theIt is the essence of the sustainable fashionThis is an ethos that we should all try to emulate right now. Although membership is not required, it might be worth taking tennis lessons. You can find key pieces here.

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Fitness ClubPrinted Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt

Kelly Handbag Noir Ardennes with35 – Gold Hardware

The ultimate bag: Resell your bag to get a little patina.

Three Quarter Diamond Goddess Chker

Logan Hollowell


Although a diamond tennis necklace is not necessary, it is always a good idea.

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Tank Française Watch, Medium Model

Classic Brown Flap Bag

Keep it classic when possible

Dina Sneaker

This shoe looks good withEverything.

Ribbed-Knit Polo Sweater

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini


Tech Twill Ruffle Skirt

It’s theGreen and theWe don’t need to fuss.

Cardigan in Wool and Cashmere-Blend

Every day of the year, throw a cardi party theWeek.

Wool-Crepe Mini Dress

This little dress is a winner at Masters golf green.

Woven Hat

Your hat must provide sun protection—and drama.

Sequin-Detail Tweed Skort

A tweedy mini goes with everything—style withA button-down and flats.

18kt Gold Vermeil Earrings

Classic Fit Striped Cotton Shirt

This timeless piece is perfect for pairing withYou can do almost anything.

Horsebit Leather Pumps

Shoes that are both elegant and chic.

Refreshing Ambition Straight Pants

Dorothee Schmacher


Pink pants are a part of thePlan.

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