Editorial: Sustainability is about more than fast fashion

As Paris Fashion Week was coming to an end, an unanticipated event occurred at the Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 show. A banner announcing his cause was displayed on the protestor who crashed the runway. “overconsumption = extinction” — calling out the fashionIndustry for its role in the climate crisis.

The protester was representing a number of French activist groups concerned about climate change. It was not the first time that Fashion Week had seen a protestor. A sign that said “It’s been almost a year since a protester appeared at the Dior Spring 2021 Show” was posted by the man. “we are all fashion victims.”

Fast fashionThey are often vilified for their role in carbon emission and waste. fashion.

The fashionNearly 20 percent of global wastewater and 10 percent global carbon emissions are produced by industry. Products are also created at sites where workers are paid low wages and work long hours in dangerous working conditions. Workers inhale toxic substances which are then pushed into their lungs.

The 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza is just one example illuminating the toll on garment workers — 1,134 died.

Fast fashionNamed for its rapid production pace, the accelerated operating model of the, it exacerbates this problem. H&M, Zara, and Shein all replenish their clothes at a faster pace, which allows consumers to purchase more quickly at lower prices. This makes spending more attractive. As fashion trends become more popular, more clothes end up in landfills.

Luxury is not a bad thing. fashionHouses and high-end brands follow a seasonal model for their collections that is slower than fast fashionThey set the tone for all the industry. They set trends that are then adopted by other brands who can sell them at a lower price and in higher volumes.

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Fast fashionBrands can look straight from the runway and make it cheaper and more quickly. Fast fashion is the answer for consumers who can’t wait for collections to arrive or who don’t want to pay high prices. fashionBrands can still enjoy the latest trends, fashionWeeks

If luxury houses are the current dictators of style and what’s “in,”They can also set the tone of what to do. “slow fashion”What it looks like

“Slow fashion”Kate Fletcher from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion coined the term and is the antithesis of fast fashion. fashion. Instead of pushing trends twice a years, brands can adopt an annual- or biennial model that encourages the purchase of higher quality clothing but less often. Giorgio Armani and Michael Kors are just a few of the brands that have taken steps towards changing the production cycle and challenging the traditional. fashionCalendar.

Luxury brands can also lead the way in transparency and production practices that have a tangible impact on the environment. The Fashion Transparency Index, an annual review of many brands’ environmental and social practices, is published every year. Brands can choose to participate and have complete control over what they reveal. The index is used by many luxury houses, but there should be further actions. Leadership in high fashionShould take the initiative to lead these efforts.

Consumers can help to slow down the impact of fashionBuy less fast to help the environment fashionLuxury brands need to be an example for the rest of the industry. Most college students can’t afford to buy high-end items but can adopt the slow approach to fashion consumption which doesn’t adapt to the influx of new trends set every year. We should not romanticize these brands. Instead, we should hold them to the exact same standards and hold them accountable for any impact they have on our environment.

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