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Scrolling Heart Evangelista’s Instagram wall is like flipping a page of a fashion magazineIt is filled with inspiring blurbs and chic style images as well as her stunning artworks. Many admire her ability to incorporate pieces from luxury labels and international designers into her space. fashionYou can give gifts and fixes. But, believe it or not, that’s not always the case. In many of her brand collaborations, these special items are being returned to. fashionHouses


Heart Evangelista’s looks during Paris Fashion Week early in 2020

The latest episode of “Dear Heart,”The actress speaks out about fashion fashionAs requested by her followers, she will be posting every week. One of the questions she was asked was if she can keep the clothes and dresses sent by designers and brands to her. She replied, “You don’t get to keep that because it costs millions and millions.”

“They usually lend it to you for a couple of weeks for you to shoot, for you to create content for the brand,”She says. “But definitely, they send a piece or an outfit. I guess it depends on what you’re doing. If you’re also modeling the bag, you get to keep the bag. But if you’re modeling, like, a lot of items, they usually ask you if you want to choose which one or they just send you [a piece in] another time. So it is pretty fun because, you know, I love what I do and it is cool that they send you free stuff for you to keep and for you to wear.”

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So, what can we do if our goal is to look as fashionable as Heart without designer clothes? She advises that you should be very selective about what you wear, and what you have in your wardrobe.

“Fashion is really about being sustainable. Sustainability in terms of the environment and also it is a good balance,”She thinks. “There’s always going to be something beautiful… something on trend. You can’t buy everything… You just have to be very smart. It’s really how you put things together and how you carry yourself. That’s the best weapon when it comes to fashion. You may have the same dress, but you carry it differently.”

She shared some of her most memorable moments during the brand collaborations. fashionEach week, from all over the world. One that stood out the most was the time she attended designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s last show in 2020 held in Paris. It’s not because she was wearing it, but because she missed it. The philanthropist, who was trapped in a small theater, had a panic attack and fled the theater before the show started.

“I’m so pissed off at myself for missing it,”Heart speaks. “But I feel like my mental health was first and I couldn’t breathe so I ran out. It was memorable because it was supposed to be memorable, but I missed it.”

Watch more of Heart’s fashionWeek moments here

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