Deer Park’s Meet the Team returns in fun fashion

We don’t know how tasty Deer Park’s football season will be but there’s two fans who will have a tasty September, October and November plus nine additional months courtesy of Deer Park High School’s “Meet the Team”Saturday night festivities at Clyde Abshier Stadium

Free cake for a year and free Whataburger for a year were two of the many silent auction items up for bid on tables situated along the stadium’s 50-yard line.

Players from all programs relaxed with each other while others passed passes to children in the end zone and held the holder for anyone who wanted to kick through the uprights.

How many people can claim to have eaten barbecue at a table in the middle a stadium on Saturday night?

The Meet the Team has been a tradition since Austin Flynn was appointed head coach. It was a popular event until the covid-19 pandemic took it away last August. So, Saturday night’s enjoyment was essentially celebrating the return of normalcy and the excited anticipation that shoulder pads will be colliding come this Friday night.

“I was just kind of curious to see how many people would come back especially in this climate right now. It’s not surprising. We have such a great community around here. It’s great to see everybody. Hopefully, we’ll see that Friday night. I know it’ll be a packed house. It’ll be a fun atmosphere again,”Flynn stated.

Heck, there was so much of a football atmosphere under the stadium lights that even Deer Park volleyball head coach Cortni Cox didn’t want to discuss her team’s match from the night before.

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But a Meet the Team Night isn’t complete until Deer Park boys soccer coach Jerry Hurtado breaks out his auctioneer’s voice.

“Do I hear 275? We have 275. Let’s go 300. Who wants to bid 300?,”Hurtado said, “Micked up for the job.”

Hurtado saw many numbered paddles reach the heavens, starting with the autographed jerseys of Earl Campbell and Andy Pettitte that sold for $450 and $1,100, respectively.

For this Friday’s season-opening showdown with rival La Porte, someone’s winning bid of $800 got them and as many as 11 others to watch the contest from the visitor’s press box. All of Deer Park’s home games were on the auction block in terms of fans who wished to enjoy the game from that vantage point.

Hurtado even managed to get someone to bid $500 so that four people could attend the Texas against Rice football game in Austin next year. As an incentive, a parking pass was offered.

As Hurtado noted, anyone who visits Austin better have a reserved parking pass at the ready since the city isn’t exactly known for its easy ways to get around town.

Over a dozen baskets were featured in the silent auction. Signs that were intended for a “Man Cave,”Sugar Land Skeeters tickets vs Albuquerque Isotopes Tickets tickets on the night of September 19, there was no shortage of silent auction participants.

The Meet the Team night, like the bounce houses at the north side of Abshier Stadium had officially returned from a one-year hiatus and was now a very popular August event.

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