David Thomas Dressed All Your ’90s Faves—From Britney Spears to the Backstreet Boys

Chris EubankPhoto: Courtesy of Vanity Project/Unicorn Publishing Group

In 1991, Thomas landed his first job at British Esquire, where he became the youngest fashion editor in the world at 25. It was at the magazine where he really fell into the realm of celebrity styling. “When I got the job at Esquire, they had a policy that there were no models to be used in the fashion pages,” says Thomas. “I started using musicians, actors, and artists. I just started writing to people that I loved and admired.” For one of his first jobs, he enlisted Charlotte Rampling to model suits. “No one else was really doing that at the time,” says Thomas. “At that point, the cover of magazines was still models, not celebrities.” Working with celebrities proved to be his calling, as they offered a different freedom compared to magazine editorials. “Magazines and fashion started to get really grungy in the ’90s, and that wasn’t my thing,” says Thomas. “I like sexy and glamorous [clothes]. I remember thinking, Maybe I’m better suited to the music world—they get me more.”

Throughout his impressive, 30-year career, Thomas has worked with all types of stars—including one of his all-time favorite style icons, Boy George. (Those all-white looks in “After the Love”? All Thomas.) It’s hard for the stylist to pick favorite jobs throughout the decades, but he does have a few, including Britney Spears’s “I Wanna Go” and “If You Seek Amy” videos. “She was so fun to work with,” he says. “In the ‘If You Seek Amy’ video, we got to experiment with different looks. The first was decadent and sexy. She wore these bright orange Christian Louboutin heels. If someone’s going to dance, you want to draw attention to their feet. The second was more innocent and sweet.”

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