Chanel’s Suit Finds New Fans In Gen Z Channeling Their 90s Nostalgia


The Chanel suit Anonymous outfit This is often associated with women who eat lunch. new Set of fans – Generation Z.

This month Olivia Rodrigo, the 18-year-old singer of hits including Driver’s Licence and Good 4 U, chose a pink and black vintage version for a visit to the White House to meet the US president, Joe Biden. Global fashion Lyst, a search engine, said that searches for vintage have increased following the appearance. Chanel The increase was 200%

Chanel Simone Biles and the cast wore suits on the cover of WSJ Magazine. in Gossip Girl’s reboot. Jennie from Black pink wears the luxury label so often that it is sometimes called “The Luxury Label.” “Human Chanel”By fans.

Gossip Girl’s reboot.Photograph: BBC/PA

Rodrigo’s choice was a nod to First Lady style – its most famous wearer being Jackie Kennedy Onassis in the 60s – but the 90s This revival is all about them. The singer’s suit It is from Chanel’s spring/summer 1995 collection.

The references were made by suit’s new Gen Z fans Are more likely to see a young Helena Christensen walking down the catwalk in A Chanel suit Hilary Banks, bikini top in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Cher Horowitz, from the 1995 film Clueless. Popular source: Instagram account @chanel_archives Chanel Images of catwalks from this era include images by Tavi Gevinson and Ariana Grande.

Clueless90s Inspiration: Cher and Dionne in 1995’s Clueless.Photograph by Alamy

Chanel This brand is considered a luxury brand and is therefore very expensive. Vintage suits on sites like Farfetch have prices starting at about £2,000. Even those without a rock-star budget can get the look with Chanel-like pieces on Depop, the resale app that Rodrigo uses herself, for as little as £25.

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Depop’s global curation lead, Viviana Attard, who studies trends for the company, pinpoints the style as part of the rise of preppy look. “[Rodrigo] visually expressed a vibe that’s been gaining more traction lately – we’ve seen an increase in interest in listings and searches for the typical preppy look, recently brought back into fashion with the Gossip Girl reboot.”

Lyst’s content editor, Morgane Le Caer, argues that the different associations of the Chanel suit – the fact that it can signal preppy, first ladies, the 90s and the 60s – is a concept that appeals. “Gen Z style is … about creating a very personal world – or mood – through the juxtaposition of visual elements,”She said.

Ryan McMahon runs @chanel_archives and says he loves the archive. “kitsch”Karl Lagerfeld created the following collections Chanel Between 1990 and 1997

“I think we’re in a generation of nostalgia, and everyone seems to be obsessed with looking back in fashion and remembering a time when fashion wasn’t so serious. Chanel in the 90s is a perfect example of this,”He said.

“Hopefully from my account people are discovering ways to style the Chanel suit in a fun and fresh way that can be youthful, which a skirt suit isn’t always assumed to be.”

Both Le Caer and Attard argue that the sustainability factor of vintage is important – and Rodrigo represents her generation here too. “[She] is a huge secondhand and vintage fan and makes environmentally conscious decisions with her fashion choices,” says Attard. “It’s no surprise she chose to wear vintage for such a high-profile and momentous occasion like visiting the White House.”

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