Buy new Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Origins fashion capsule

Snake EyesG.I. Joe Origins has stormed into cinemas across the globe – so why shouldn’t it storm into wardrobes too?

G.I. JoeIt is sufficiently iconic to lend itself to fashionYou don’t have to follow the traditional camo route. This is exactly what a new fashion capsuleZavvi offers

The collection is now available in a wide variety of sizes for T-shirts and sweatshirts. There’s even an accessory that would look great on Team! JoeOr Team Cobra.

Take a look at the following range of Snake EyesG.I. Joe OriginsZavvi has a wide selection of fashions


G.I. JoeDragon Unisex Long Sleeve Tshirt – Black



G.I. JoeDragon Unisex Long Sleeve Tshirt – Black £19.99

G.I. Joe Profile Hoodie – Black £29.99

G.I. JoeProfile Insulated Water Bottle – Steel £16.99

G.I. JoeAction Kids’ Tshirt – Black £12.99

G.I. JoeBlack Action Women’s T-Shirt £14.99

G.I. JoeMotion Kids’ Tshirt – White £12.99

G.I. JoeMotion Men’s White T-Shirt £14.99

G.I. JoeMotion Women’s Tshirt – White £14.99

gi joe


The newG.I. Live Action JoeCrazy Rich Asians stars Henry Golding plays the title character Snake Eyes – a newJoin the uber-Black Ops military organization.

Together with other elite soldiers – including G.I. Joe favourite Scarlett (Home and Away’s Samara Weaving) – Snake Eyes must stop a ploy by the terrorist Baroness (Money Heist’s Úrsula Corberó) and the infamous Cobra organisation.

Snake EyesG.I. Joe OriginsThe film is currently playing in the US and will be released in the UK in August 18.

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