Bronx Fashion Week Model Casting Call for September Fashion Show


Bronx Fashion Week 2015 Fashion Designer: Francoise Desmangles Model: Veronica Bayb Background: No Longer Empty Exhibition Artwork by Teresa Diehl
Photo by Catherine Fonseca/Fonseca Fotography via Flickr

Bronx Fashion Week (BxFW) organizers are planning their next fashion show, scheduled to take place on Sept. 18. In preparation for the show, organizers are holding a casting call for models on July 31.


According to its website, Bronx Fashion Week hosts some of the leading fashion events in the country by encouraging and empowering people through fashion. Since its inception in 2013, the organization has been dedicated to “cultivating the success of both established and emerging designers, as well as other talented individuals by advancing diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry.”


Having had to cancel the Spring 2020 show, organizers of Bronx Fashion Week have now begun the process of accepting designer applications for the September 2021 show as well as organizing the upcoming model casting call. They encourage anyone who is interested in either role to check out their website here, and to email or direct message the organizers with any questions. Contact details are listed on the website.

Flyer for Bronx Fashion Week September fashion show.
Image courtesy of Bronx Fashion Week

Organizers say Bronx Fashion Week’s events and programs highlight designers, artists and models from the Bronx and surrounding areas. They say the group’s mission is to continue to create platforms and opportunities that help talented individuals build their brands, reveal their talent, and expand their networks.

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Bringing people together to share their passion for fashion and giving everyone an equal opportunity to make something of themselves in the competitive industry of fashion is one of the organization’s primary aims. Organizers say the group’s roots are stapled and tied to the Bronx, they truly believe in the talented artist of the Bronx and they know such artists need help gaining exposure and recognition.

Flyer for upcoming model casting call by Bronx Fashion Week.
Image courtesy of Bronx Fashion Week

Accordingly, auditions for the casting call will be held on Saturday, July 31 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Confetti Party Place, 3190 Westchester Avenue in Pelham Bay. Masks are required and model coordination is by BxFW’s Andres Chulisi Rodriguez and Crystal Gomez.


Models should wear all black attire, high heels and dress shoes only. No sneakers or open toe sandals are allowed and models are requested to arrive on time. Upon arrival, models should submit a comp card, portfolio, and head shots.



Bronx Fashion Week Model Casting Call for September Fashion Show

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