Bob’s Burgers: 10 Best Linda & Bob Moments

A popular trope in TV is that the husband is lazy and the wife is a nag. They usually annoy each other in one way or another, and overall depict being married as not that great. Bob’s Burgers breaks the norm of that trope, showing Bob and Linda as a partnership in their marriage, making the couple a fan favorite.

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There are many quotable moments between the two, making for great entertainment for younger viewers, but, for adults, some of the best scenes are when the show touches on relatable situations of parenting their three kids together. It’s not often that a healthy marriage is portrayed on television, with the thought that a happy marriage is boring, but Bob and Linda prove that marriage can be anything but.


Human Flesh – Season 1, Episode 1

Bob and Linda addressing a crowd outside their restaurant in Bob's Burgers

The pilot episode sets the tone for the love Bob and Linda have for each other as it’s the “grand re-re-re-opening” of their restaurant, and also the couple’s anniversary. Bob learns that Linda left Hugo for him and becomes self-conscious that she deserves someone who remembers their anniversary, as he had forgotten about it.

Linda then tells him, “I would rather be married to a suspected cannibal with a dream, like you, than a soft-lipped guy who never had a dream in the first place.” The couple later goes to a carnival together and they share an intimate kiss on top of a Ferris wheel, where the kids groan at their parent’s display of affection.

The Belchies – Season 2, Episode 1

The Belcher family together in Bob's Burgers

Bob and Linda decide to try “sexy dice” in this hilarious scene where they keep the romance between them alive. Of course, their night is derailed when their kids decide to go to an abandoned taffy factory to search for treasure.

The brief moment they share shows them rolling dice and having it repetitively landing on “lick” and “foot,” much to Bob’s dismay. It’s adorable that they have a set night together and the fact that Linda is still trying to spice things up in the bedroom shows the love they share for each other is still strong.

My Fuzzy Valentine – Season 3, Episode 13

Bob and Linda smiling at each other in Bob's Burgers

Bob’s kids bring up how he always does the same thing for their mom every Valentine’s Day and that he should switch things up for her.  The kids trick him into letting them skip school to help him find the perfect gift for Linda. In a touching moment, Bob tells the kids about the first time he knew he was in love with their mom and they decide to find the “Doctor Love’s Love Test-O-Meter.”

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When he tells Linda what he did, Linda tells him that spending the day with the kids to find the perfect Valentine’s Day present for her was the best Valentine’s Day present. This episode shows that what really matters is the thought someone puts into the gift, rather than an expensive one.

Lindapendent Woman – Season 3, Episode 14

Bob and Linda holding mops in Bob's Burgers

Linda decides to get a part-time job at the grocery store “Fresh Feed” when Bob worries about their finances and Bob is left to run the restaurant by himself. This episode shows not only the relatable struggle of making ends meet but how much Linda does for the restaurant.

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After only a couple of days, Bob finds himself missing his wife, saying it wasn’t as fun without her there. In a touching moment, he goes to the grocery store and over the intercom tells his wife, “I’d rather be scraping by together than have extra money and be apart.” While Bob lets her know he wants Linda to be happy, she makes it known she wasn’t having as great of a time as she let Bob believe, going back home with him and leaving the grocery store a disaster behind them.

Adventures In Chinchilla-Sitting – Season 5, Episode 15

Linda holding on to Bob's arm in Bob's Burgers

It’s a rare date night for the Belcher couple and Bob has the whole night planned, but there’s one problem: Linda isn’t thrilled about his idea of trivia at a bar called “Stoolz.”  After not knowing several of the questions, Linda ends up finding an answer sheet and gets Bob in on the plan to cheat to win trivia.

The couple terrorizes everyone else at the bar, laughing and joking together as they sneakily peek at the answers and try to make it not obvious as to what they’re doing. Although they get caught, Linda and Bob laugh together and share a smooch, Linda claiming it was the most fun date night they ever had.

Eat, Spray, Linda – Season 5, Episode 18

Bob learns that he doesn’t know everything about his wife as he and the kids go around town looking for Linda after she gets locked out of her car at the grocery store on her birthday. When Linda gets home, she finds that Bob and her three kids planned a special spa day just for her.

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As they’re drawing a tomato bath for Linda, Bob tells her, “I’m glad to say after all these years I’m still finding little surprises about you.” Although they’ve been married for so long, they’re still learning things about each other, and it brings them closer together and more in love.

The Last Gingerbread House On The Left – Season 7, Episode 7

This holiday-themed episode of Bob’s Burgers focuses on Bob being worried about not having enough money to buy nice Christmas presents for the kids. Linda and Bob are talking in bed about their finances and how the kids were expecting amazing presents—having given them a binder filled with things they wanted.

Linda says the two will figure it out, and that the kids know that Christmas is more about time together as a family rather than the gifts they get. It’s a bit of real insight into working-class families and how sometimes material gifts are sacrificed to make other ends meet, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of and doesn’t mean they’re failures as parents. 

Bed, Bob & Beyond – Season 9, Episode 13

The Belchers in their car in Bob's Burgers

Bob and Linda get into a scuffle over a pile of dirty laundry that Bob left in the middle of their bedroom floor, alarming the kids at their attitude towards each other. It’s no secret that the Belcher kids share many moments on Bob’s Burgers where they come up with schemes, and in this episode, they decide to come up with one to make their parents stop fighting.

They tell their parents their version of a rom-com, creating the plot of a tornado of dirty laundry terrorizing the town until the main characters apologize to each other for getting into a fight for something as small as clothes on the ground. In the end, the story they tell brings Bob and Linda to apologize to each other.

The Ring (But Not Scary) – Season 10, Episode 1

Linda and Bob at the table in Bob's Burgers

A common theme of the show is the kids of Bob’s Burgers, in some way, let Bob down, and that’s exactly what happens in this episode. It’s Bob and Linda’s anniversary and Bob buys his wife an engagement ring, not having the money for one when they first got married. The kids discover the ring in their parent’s bedroom, and Gene decides to try it on.

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Bob ends up breaking into the water park after the ring falls off Gene’s finger in the lazy river but to no avail. When Linda later finds not only her family but a whole group of people at the park searching for her Valentine’s gift, she is touched, but also says that the ring doesn’t prove Bob loves her and tells him, “Our love is in everything we built together.”

Pig Trouble In Little Tina – Season 10, Episode 4

While this episode is focused mainly on Tina, which is obvious by the hilarious reference in the Bob’s Burgers episode title, there’s a sideline story between Bob and Linda featuring Bob’s earwax. A giant ball of wax is stuck in Bob’s ear and Linda wants to get it out for him.

The episode shows that married couples get to experience the gross parts of a relationship together. Linda makes digging the wax out more enjoyable for Bob by putting on her nightgown and seducing him so he’s more comfortable. Bob and Linda later tell their kids that trying to get the ball of wax out brought them closer together. 

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