Beijing Olympics 2022: Five women disqualified from mixed team ski jumping event over baggy outfits


Athletes work their entire lives to get to the Olympics, but something like wearing the wrong attire can get them disqualified. That is exactly what happened on Tuesday when five female skiers were disqualified from the mixed team jumping event for wearing clothes that were too baggy.

According to Yahoo Sports, the women, who were collectively skiing for Austria, Japan, Norway, and Germany, were disqualified because judges ruled that their clothing was too loose and could have given them an advantage while in the air. However, the women already had their outfits cleared in earlier jumps, so the disqualification later in the event was somewhat shocking.

Details: Some athletes were in tears after the disqualification, which caused outrage amongst the affected teams. These were the ski jumpers who were disqualified:

  • Sara Takanashi of Japan.
  • Daniela Iraschko-Stolz of Austria.
  • Katharina Althaus of Germany.
  • Anna Odine Stroem and Silje Opseth of Norway.

Silje Opseth, of Norway, soars through the air during the women’s normal hill individual first round at the 2022 Winter Olympics on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022, in Zhangjiakou, China. Matthias Schrader, Associated Press

“The [International Ski Federation] destroyed everything with this operation,” Katharina Althaus, one of the disqualified athletes, reportedly said. “I think they have destroyed women’s ski jumping. I have been checked so many times in 11 years of ski jumping, and I have never been disqualified once.

“I know my suit was compliant … 160 World Cup starts, 5x World Championships, 3x Olympic Games and I got DSQ for the first time. My heart is broken.”

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Karl Geiger, who ski jumps for Germany’s men’s team, also spoke out against the rulings and asked if the rules for women “were changed overnight.”

“We stick together no matter what. Nevertheless, I have to ask myself whether the regulations for the women were changed overnight, with so many disqualifications?!? It was neither the right time nor the right place to disqualify so many athletes from different nations,” Geiger said, according to Yahoo Sports.

Women competing in ski jumping is a relatively new event at the Winter Games. It was only added to the Olympics in 2014, and the mixed team ski jumping event is part of the Games for the first time ever this year.

Slovenia won the mixed event with 1,001.5 points, Russia came in second with 890.3 points and Canada got third with 844.6 points.

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