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Oh, Gerber Technology! (Courtesy Austin Community College).

According to the saying, clothes make the person. But it’s the making of clothes – the foundation of the fashion industry, after all – that makes Austin citizens turn to ACC’s fashionDesign program and its components fashionincubator to realize their goals in the world of garment creation and marketing

ACC offers study tracks that teach business and creative basics, as well as more advanced topics. This enables you to have a greater understanding of what is possible. fashion is and how the industry works, but which can also lead to a Fashion Design Certificate, a Fashion Marketing Certificate, and – following a two-year course – an Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Design.

It’s also because ACC Highland offers the Fashion Incubator. This program was inspired by their Bioscience Incubator success. This Incubator, which is located in a 7,500-sq.ft. facility, was designed from its softwares to hardwares to its mentors to guest instructors and community involvement to help designers hatch whatever plans they might have for visiting their brand. fashionSurround yourself with the best.

Softwares and hardwares are the foundation of any design or manufacturing industry. They provide the specialized tools required to complete the tasks that each industry requires. And what ACC’s Fashion Incubator has is Gerber Technology – several million dollars’ worth of Gerber Technology, for use by those enrolled in the college’s designers-in-residence program.

Nina Means is the Director of Fashion Incubator (Courtesy Austin Community College).

“When this program started,”Nina Means, Fashion Incubator Director, was featured in a recent episode on Coffee Talk, the department’s weekly web series. “the city of Austin, ACC, and Gerber Technologies came together and said, ‘We see that there’s a lot of growth here, in the fashion industry in Austin, and we really want to support that.’ And one of the things we’re particularly excited about, with the Gerber system, we’ve got over 13 million dollars worth of equipment.”

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The equipment includes the industry-leading AccuMark 2D/3D Pattern Design programs as well as the Gerbercutter Z1 (and more). To access these systems, you used to have to be present at the classroom. These are difficult times, right? Yes, that’s been recently covered.

“We have the hardware and the software,””Says Means” “and the public will have a chance to learn it, because we now have remote licenses. So, where we were more focused on executing a lot of our content in the physical space, now – because, you know, COVID and other things – we can deliver a lot of this training virtually.”

All this tech is contextualized and supported by ACC’s industry-experienced faculty members and mentors. Also, guest presenters like Celestino Couture designer Sergio Guadarrama and Kent Stetson (handbag designer), and Cory Skuldt, sustainability expert. fashionFrank Curry and Todd White are photographers. The diverse array of fashionTech support is not all that is needed for tech-savvy instructors.

“A lot of other small business incubators will pair up their students with mentors and industry specialists,”Director Means “but for the fashion industry, it’s been a bit of a black box. Now, as we work with industry professionals who’ve been in the business for 10, 20, 30, sometimes 40 years, [our designers] get a chance to work with people who used to be a president at a major company, a general manager of a major department store, or who runs their own specialty store or is a marketing manager. And these insights are unique to any other place I’ve seen – we really leverage our community and their desire to see the local fashion design community grow, and we use our in-house staff, myself included, to support the development of the brands. Between the technology and the mentorships, we really wanna see you grow. We’re focused on getting creatives to be commercial – and this is where we help take you from a maker to a seller.”

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