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With pandemic restrictions lifting, it’s wedding season on steroids in many countries. Having attended his fair share in recent months, Jonny Johansson imagined his Acne Studios men’s collection as a wedding party with a twist, with each look assigned to an imaginary guest.

Dress code? Anything goes. Tailoring options included a blue satin suit that carried echoes of Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Singer,” and an oversized linen version printed with a pastel drawing of silk bows by artist Karen Kilimnik. But most of these outfits defied categorization, reflecting the fluid state of menswear in general.

A salmon pink sweater trimmed with a kitschy tulle ruffle was worn with pink leather shorts studded with rosebud earrings, and silver tinsel socks. Or how about a pair of micro shorts, hidden under a silky lime green satin shirt and a sweater that unspooled into loose threads? Even his “bride” wore white shorts.

“When you go to a wedding, you do the best you can in the occasion wear genre. And then you always have these rebels who can’t stick to the concept. I think they’re very interesting,” the designer said. It’s clear this genre-defying collection was squarely aimed at those nonconformists.

The lineup was a taster for his women’s show next fall, which will mark the brand’s 10th anniversary of showing in Paris. It’s also been a decade since Johansson himself got married. For all his sardonic outlook on the institution, he sees weddings as sentimental occasions.

“For me, it’s a quite serious thing and a quite ridiculous thing at the same time. That’s why it’s so interesting, I think,” he reflected.

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