A Style Guide for Men who Wish to Make Heads Turn at New Year Party

It is the holiday season and one doesn’t need a better reason to dress to impress. There is a long list of attire for males – casual, smart, or festive style. Contrary to the standard belief that men have a very limited scope to experiment, a strong prospect of possibilities have emerged with evolved trends to explore for those who want to make a lasting impression.

So if you haven’t planned your look for the New Year party yet, here are some tips and ideas that could help you. Nail the dress code – be it when enjoying drinks with your boss or partying with friends. Add some personal touch for originality, and look your suave and stylish best. You’ll find some New Year party looks below to help you figure out how to dress.

Here are a few tips for you to fix your direction:

  • Firstly, decide the type of the event and get that out of the way. Once you know whether it is a casual, semi-formal or a formal party, you can shortlist your choices better.
  • Next step is to ensure you have the most important items in your wardrobe prepared and ready to use. This implies getting washing or dry-cleaning of the pieces that have a higher chance to go to the party with you.
  • Finally, accessories and patterns. Visualise your look in your head and try to set aside a bow-tie, watches or maybe a pair of statement socks. You will now move on to a colour code pick followed by a striped, solid or metallic base for your outfit.
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    Now, let’s look at the options you can choose from if you want to make a fashionable impact:

    Casual office party:

    This can be as tricky and as simple as you treat it. You want to be safe but not sorry so think of monochrome tones first. Try to pick a light colour and something that you feel most comfortable and confident in. Well-tailored jeans, shirt and sneakers can help you create the desired look.

    Black tie formal party

    You want to appear distinguished yet elegant for a refined evening. Dark-coloured tuxedos, bow-ties and pocket squares are your best bets for such an occasion. Important thing is that you opt for high-quality and well-fitting pieces only.

    Semi-formal party

    Dressing for office parties can be challenging but don’t panic or be overly concerned. You need to go for something between smart and casual. Blazers, chinos, a collared shirt or a knitted polo should be enough to cover you for the event. Footwear will depend on the venue of the party.

    Cocktail party

    Something between formality and modernity, you will find an elegant and casual pick. You have some freedom in terms of accessories. So think of a good tie, belt and ring. Preferably a black blazer with an Oxford button-down shirt underneath and you can team it with dark-coloured bottoms.

    Casual party with friends

    Add joy and novelty to the party by picking a Christmas-themed outfit. Boldly invest in eye-catching clothing. Think bright-coloured and vibrant sweatshirts and pair them with comfortable trousers. A jacket or blazer made of wool or blended cotton shall be a good choice for the outer layer.

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