90s Fashion: Halle Berry’s Y2K style in iconic outfits and dresses

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Halle Berry is perhaps the best-known Hollywood actress who embodies the noughties. Although the actress started her career in the early ’80s, she has continued to be a successful actress ever since. 90s, starring in rom-com Boomerang alongside Eddie Murphy, and, of course, in 1994’s beloved The Flintstones remake, Halle really made massive cinematic waves at the turn-of-the-millennium. Halle played a key role in one of the most important 2000 films. Y2K’s foremost superhero franchises; in 2001, she became the first woman of colour to win the Academy Award for best actress; and by 2002, she was a Bond girl, opposite the era’s Pierce Brosnan. Like her movie roles, Halle’s style also encapsulates the zeitgeist of the aughties in tutus, gradient shades, toe rings and red carpet bikinis. Here, we take a look back at some of Halle Berry’s most iconic outfitsFrom the 90sTo Y2K.

Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

1994 MTV Movie Awards

Halle Berry is an unsung hero of the era 90s slip dress. When she wasn’t wearing Blazer jackets and miniskirtsThe actress spent much of the decade dressed in lingerie-leaning dresses. Super sleek satinThe SAGs crushed velvetto film premieres Sequinned and beadedat the Blockbuster Awards. Halle continued to advocate the slip into Y2K even after her death. They were worn by herDecorated with the era’s ubiquitous sequins.

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halle berry walking on the sidewalk wearing a leopard print coat

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LAX 1994 Off-duty

What’s a Hollywood style retrospect without at least one airport look? Halle is wearing an eclectic version of her iconic off-duty uniform in this photo taken at LAX. Halle has replaced her staple. blazers motorcycle jacketsThe actress paired a leopard coat and her favorite stovepipe jeans, ankle boots, and wire-rimmed shades with a leopard coat

halle berry walking into the academy awards in a purple valentino dress 1996

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1996 Academy Awards

Halle turned the slip dress up to 10 on her Academy Awards red carpet debut. A maximalist take on a minimalist style — and a best-of-the-best of all things 90s — this lavender Valentino gown was cut in velvet, satin and chiffon, and featured intricate floral sequin straps.

halle berry standing on the red carpet with her hands on her hips emmys 1999

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1999 Emmy Awards

By the turn-of-the-millennium, slip dresses were out and — Thank you Carrie Bradshaw — tutus were in. Halle channeled the new trend in a floor length tulle two-piece by Versace, Y2K favourite. The look was worn to 1999 Emmys. The look also embodied two more of the era’s top trends: crop tops and beaded eveningwear. More on that in a bit…

halle berry wearing a beaded two piece walking on the red carpet with her arm around eric benet

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MTV Movie Awards 2000

Rivalled only by Britney and Justin, and Bennifer, themselves, Halle Berry and husband Eric Benét are Y2K’s foremost couple, sartorially speaking. From 1999 until their 2003 divorce, the duo walked the red carpet premieres of Halle’s Swordfish,X-Men and Monster’s Ball twinning in the era’s most popular (and, sometimes, most outrageous) trends. Eric matched Halle’s pointed square toe boots with Red carpet sandalsHer bedazzled singlet and shredded boyfriend are hers. knitwearWith patchwork pants tie-dye jeans. Here, to the 2000 MTV Movie Awards, the duo wear a pair of the aughties’ all-timer outfits. Eric wears a studded denim shirt and embellished trousers. Halle is wearing a sequinned two piece with gradient sunglasses, beaded fringe, and an exposed thong.

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halle berry posing on the red carpet in a bikini top and pants 2000

Photo by Robin Platzer/Online USA

2000 at the X-Men premier

Halle was not only a star in Bond films and Oscar-nominated dramas throughout the aughts but she also earned her stripes as a superhero. In 2000, Halle made her iconic — and extremely stylish — turn as X-Men’s Storm, all leather-suited and white ‘do-ed. During the film’During a press tour, the actress wore some equally iconic and fashionable looks. To the movie’s London premiereHalle wore metallic pleather pant, massive hoop earrings, and even an toe ring. Here, in what is unquestionably her most major fit of the tour, she wears a patchwork bikini set with diamanté belly chain and her perennial gradient shades.

halle berry waving on the red carpet and smiling at the oscars 2002

Photo by Steve Granitz Archive: 1/WireImage

2002 at the Oscars

Halle became the first woman of color to make it into film history in 2002. To win the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Monster’s Ball. In a sartorial choice perhaps prescient to her historic win, the actress wore that Elie Saab dress: the Venus de Milo-inflected mesh number that’s gone on to become one of the Oscar red carpet’s most iconic dresses, ever.

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